Bachelor of Media Arts*

Coming Fall 2018*

If you are passionate about discovering new and creative ways to communicate the gospel and to help others experience the transformative presence of God, the Bachelor of Media Arts (BMA) is for you. Explore the power of effective storytelling through multimedia platforms, and gain audio, video, and lighting production skills that support the worship experience of today’s local churches. Developed in partnership with key worship and media leaders from Gateway Church along with other media industry professionals, the BMA will equip you to serve wherever God leads, whether in ministry or in the marketplace.

Program Objectives

This program will combine theory with practice to:

  • Equip students with a deep understanding of the centrality of worship and how encountering the living God inspires effective communication through storytelling;
  • Equip students with skills to communicate effectively across multiple-media platforms;
  • Prepare students for leadership positions in electronic media settings in both Christian ministries and media industries;
  • Introduce students to new technologies and vision for the future of media;

Learning Outcomes

A graduate of the Media Arts program will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamentals of communication theory and storytelling as reflected through the Christian worldview and expressed through multiple-media platforms;
  • Demonstrate skills that support the worship experience through effective multiple-media platforms locally and globally;
  • Demonstrate competency in delivering content through multiple-media platforms locally and globally;
  • Demonstrate an ability to assess critically mediated content and its impact on society;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of business principles for effective, viable and sustainable media operations;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of leadership principles that support and inspire media personnel; and
  • Develop skills of the storytelling process in next generation technologies.
*(after accreditation approval)

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