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Jordan Covarelli

Jordan Covarelli

Coordinator of Music and Worship Studies

I am passionate about helping people live out their God-given callings by equipping them, challenging them and partnering with them. Particularly in the area of music, I desire to help people be lifelong learners, take their craft and skills-development seriously, and not squander the talents God has entrusted to them. This way they might hear “well done good and faithful servant” and other people around them “might see their good works and glorify their Father in heaven.” My wife, Nicole, and I have been married since 2012, and had our first child in November, 2016. We are both health-conscious, active, fitness people who are also ardent foodies, so the struggle is real, y’all. I enjoy listening to and playing music, binge watching shows (DVRs and Netflix are amazing inventions), watching or playing any sport, DIY woodworking projects, and tending to our herb and vegetable garden. I love so much of my experience at TKU – from my fellow staff to the unique heritage and mission of this school – but what I think I love most about my job is that look in a student’s eyes when the light bulb finally comes on and they know they have comprehended something they had previously thought was impossible to understand.

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