Master of Marriage and Family Therapy FAQ

Master of Marriage and Family Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program accredited?
Our program is accredited by TRACS and ABHE. These programs allow us a certificate of authorization from the state of Texas granting us the privilege of preparing students for state licensure and ultimately private practice.
Can I get a license upon completion of this degree?
Yes. Currently we are equipped to prepare students for the Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) licensure with aspirations to prepare students to take the Licensed Professional Counselor exam as well. This is in process with no definite date of completion at this time.
How many hours is this program?
60 hours. The state of Texas is changing their requirements in 2017, but TKU is ahead of the curve and preparing students to meet future licensure requirements.
What undergraduate programs are accepted?
We will accept any accredited undergraduate program. Note that all application packages submitted for the Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy will be reviewed and approved by the MMFT Review Committee prior to the rendering of a final admission decision. 
What type of practicum experiences are offered?
TKU has partnerships with local counselors in private practice, hospitals, local church counseling centers, and the department is also open to student presented practicum opportunities.
What are the class format options?
Currently we have a variety of class options including evening, morning, and hybrid options which meet partially online and partially on-ground.
How long will it take to complete this degree?
Attending full time which is three courses a semester, a student can anticipate completing the degree in three years.
What is the integration of Biblical concepts with counseling theory?
The integration of spirituality and counseling concepts is what makes the program at TKU unique. We prepare students to function clinically while allowing them opportunity to learn spiritual concepts all while remaining ethically sound.
Do you have online options for courses?
We do not have any online options for courses at this time. We feel it essential to have contact with the students in the classroom. We do, however, offer hybrid options allowing the student more flexibility in schedule.
Are students permitted to transfer credits into the program?
Students are permitted to enter with 12 credits from another accredited program. All applications and transfer credits are subject to review by the MMFT admissions committee.