BIBH 3321 | History of Jewish-Christian Relations

    A survey of Jewish-Christian relations from the first century CE to the modern era.

    Formerly HIS447-5 The History and Destiny of Jewish-Christian Relations

    BIBH 3322 | History of the Jewish People

    A survey of 4000 years of Jewish cultural development and history.

    BIBH 3323 The Holocaust | Realization, Responsibility, and Reflection

    An investigation of the Holocaust as a defining moment in human history that analyzes the issues related to this event including post Holocaust theology, Holocaust denial and contemporary anti-Semitism.

    BIBH 4321 | Women in Classical Judaism

    A study of the role of women in Judaism from the biblical era to the present.

    Formerly HIS447-3

    BIBL 3301 | Messianic Beginnings: Luke and Acts

    A study of Luke/Acts that provides witness to the continued Messianic appeal of Yeshua to the Jewish people.

    BIBL 3321 | Sacred Days of the Hebrew Calendar

    A study of the Hebrew calendar and the development of Jewish customs and holidays associated with it.

    Formerly MIN447-5 The Holy Days of the Hebrew Calendar

    BIBL 4301 | Paul and the Jewish Mission: Romans and Galatians

    An investigation of the theology of Romans and Galatians as examined from Paul’s first-century Jewish perspective of law and grace, sanctification, the role of faith and the nature of salvation.

    Formerly BIB447-4

    BIBL 4321 | Isaiah and Messiah

    Historical, literary and theological analysis of the book of Isaiah and its contemporary significance to Israel and the nations.

    Formerly BIB447-1

    BIBL 4322 | Messianic Prophecy

    An examination of the principles for interpreting Messianic prophecy and the New Testament’s usage of the prophetic Scriptures in the Hebrew Bible.

    Formerly BIB447-2

    BIBM 2321 | Introduction to Judaism

    An introduction to Jewish life and religious practice, including the study of Holy Day celebrations, dietary observances and social norms.

    Formerly MIN 447-1

    BIBT 2321 | Torah of Moses, Messiah, and Paul

    An examination of Messianic Jewish halakha that studies the Torah and the teachings of Yeshua and Paul.

    Formerly THE447-1 Torah of Moses and Messiah

    BIBT 3321 | Israel’s Divine Healer

    An exegetical and theological study of Hebrew Scripture of God as Healer of His people.

    Formerly THE477-7

    BIBT 3322 | Messianic Jewish Theology

    A Messianic Jewish theological study of the Torah of Moses, Prophets and the New Covenant that focuses on Soteriology, Ecclesiology, Election and Eschatology.

    Formerly THE447-4

    BIBT 4321 | Eschatology in Messianic Perspective

    An eschatological apologetic for the view that the Kingdom came and is yet coming with the return of Yeshua.

    Formerly THE447-6 Eschatology in Messianic Jewish Perspective

    BMIS 4301 | To the Jew First

    A defense of the missiological principle of reaching the Jew first with the God News of Yeshua.