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Dr. Jason Moraff

Dr. Jason Moraff

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Raised in an interfaith, multiethnic household and within the Messianic Jewish movement, Dr. Jason Moraff became interested in biblical studies when he realized that, as a Jewish follower of Jesus, he interpreted the Bible, particularly the New Testament, differently from his Gentile Christian peers. In his academic work and in the classroom, he seeks to address anti-Judaism in Christian theology and preaching, and to develop post-supersessionist New Testament interpretation. He loves helping students mature as disciples of Jesus who serve faithfully in the Church and the world. Dr. Moraff enjoys sports, music, the outdoors, and spending time with his wonderful wife, daughter, and dog. 

Research and Interest Areas

  • Luke-Acts
  • Synoptic Gospels
  • Second Temple Judaism
  • Jewish-Christian Relations
  • Apostolic Fathers
  • Theological Interpretation of Scripture


  • “Among My Own Nation”: Reading The Way, Paul, and “the Jews” in Acts within Judaism (PhD diss., Fuller Theological Seminary, 2021).
  • “Recent Trends in the Study of Jews and Judaism in Luke-Acts,” Currents in Biblical Research 19.1 (2020): 64–87.
  • Review of Jewish Law in Gentile Churches by Markus Bockmuehl. Kesher 29 (2015): 109–113.

Courses Taught

  • BHEB 3301/5301 Hebrew I
  • BHEB 3302/5302 Hebrew II
  • BIBL 2302 Life of Jesus
  • BIBL 4302/5315 Matthew in Jewish Context/Studies in Matthew and Early Judaism
  • BIBL 4310/5319 Luke-Acts in Jewish Context/Studies in Luke-Acts and Early Judaism
  • BIBL 5302 New Testament Theology
  • BIBT 4310 Jesus, Paul, and the Torah

Contact Info
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