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Tracey R. Lane

Tracey R. Lane

Director of Library Services


I was delayed pursuing my academic career by stints as an Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist in the Air Force, which lasted for six years, and as an Associate Engineering Technician for the City of Mt. Vernon, IL, which lasted for four years. I took classes off and on during these years, and then went full-time to Southern Illinois University. It took me twelve years to complete my BA in Classics. From there I went on to getting an MA in Theological Studies, to getting married, to having kids, and to getting the MLIS. Come this September, I will have been with The King’s in some capacity or other for twenty years. I will talk about anything, really: all things ancient Greek and Roman (Homer, Greek Tragedy, Socrates), Righteousness in Romans, Tolkien, snow skiing, southern Illinois, fencing, Wing Chun, numerous languages—Irish, German, Elvish, Algonquian, and then some.

Research and Interest Areas

Too many interests for my own good. My areas of scholarly interest fall within the ancient Greek and Roman civilization—Greek Tragedy and the chorus, Homer and epic poetry, Socratic religion, Hellenistic history and Alexandria, and  Roman history in the first century AD.

Classes Taught

  • BGRK 3301-2/5301-2 Greek I-II

Contact Info


M.A. of Library and Information Science

University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee

M.A. in Theological Studies

Assemblies of God Theological Seminary

B.A. in Classics

Southern Illinois University in Carbondale

Diploma in Mechanical Drafting

Education Dynamics Institute