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Tracey R. Lane

Tracey R. Lane

Director of Library Services


Two really stand out in my mind: reading and relationship. I am passionate about reading great works of literature with the aim of observing how the human condition is portrayed, noting where humanity has got it right, and where it has got it wrong. The likes of Aeschylus, Euripides, Homer, Sophocles, and others display this fallen human condition through all kinds of genre — tragedy, history, comedy, poetry. In the Word of God, there really is only one hero, our Lord Jesus Christ; though many illustrate the occasional right response, all exhibit some particular flaw and, thus, our need of a savior.


If I had the time, I would learn about two dozen languages. I really like Greek, Latin, and Irish. I majored in Classics in college. Consequently, I am greatly interested in Socrates and his motivation, Homer’s influence on western civilization, and the role of the chorus in ancient Greek tragedy.  I recently submitted a research proposal as a part of my application to the PhD program in Classics at the University of Birmingham in England.


Thirteen years teaching New Testament Greek; the occasional research methods and exegetical principles class.


Had served Denver United Church four years in the areas of security (team leader and team member) and “load-out.”


In August 2015 my wife, Alison, and I will celebrate 17 years of marriage. We have four wonderful children – twin daughters, Katie and Megan, 13; daughter, Emma, 8; and a son, Aidan, 3.

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Diploma in Mechanical Drafting

Education Dynamics Institute

B.A. in Classics

Southern Illinois University in Carbondale

M.A. in Theological Studies

Assemblies of God Theological Seminary


University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee