The Center for Israel and Jewish Studies at TKU

The Center for Israel and Jewish Studies at The King’s University promotes the academic study of Israel and the Jewish people, Messianic Judaism, and Jewish-Christian relations, with the goal of TKU training men and women who are called to be bridges between the Church and the Jewish people.

Program Overview

The Center for Israel and Jewish Studies at TKU works closely with our partners at Gateway Center for Israel, with a vision for Messianic Jews, Gentile Christians, and mainstream Jews learning together about Jewish history, theology, and practice, including vital areas that are points of tension between these respective communities.

The Center showcases TKU’s academic offerings in three fields of study—Antisemitism and Jewish Advocacy, Messianic Judaism, and Land of the Bible. It also promotes activities and experiences that aim to enrich TKU students, such as annual visits to the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, hosting webinars and guest lecturers, and film nights that focus on Jewish history, world Jewry, and Jewish-Christian Relations. The Center also sponsors Jewish cultural celebrations and commemorations.

“All who sense a calling to heal the schism between the Church and the Jewish people are invited to connect with the Center and get involved,” says Center Director Dr. David Rudolph. “This is groundbreaking work and it is anchored in our view at The King’s University that God has an enduring covenant relationship with the Jewish people and that the gospel is ‘to the Jew first’ (Romans 1:16).”

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