Announcing New Bachelor of Biblical Counseling Degree Concentrations

The King’s University is happy to announce the addition of two new concentrations in the Bachelor of Biblical Counseling Degree (BBC) program. The Church and Community Care concentration will benefit students preparing for pastoral, ministerial, and lay counseling ministries within the local church, parachurch community agencies, and other organizations that provide supportive soul care, but do not require licensure from a state board. The Pre-Professional Counseling concentration will benefit students preparing for eventual professional counseling licensure by a state board. The electives are designed to provide a foundation for knowledge regarding research methods, basic statistics, neuroscience, and systemic application in the social science field.

“When I came to TKU I found there were two types of students in the Biblical Counseling program—those who wanted to become professional counselors and those who wanted to be in pastoral ministry and they don’t have any intention to become licensed,” says TKU Director of Biblical Counseling, Dr. Linda Hoover. “These concentrations help prepare students for both outcomes.”

Recommended Next Steps

For students who wish to pursue the Church and Community Care concentration, the recommended TKU graduate degrees are Master of Divinity, Master of Practical Theology, or Master of Marriage and Family Therapy. TKU recommends that students pursuing the Pre-Professional Counseling concentration further their education with the Master of Marriage and Family Therapy.

“There is such a need for students who are preparing for ministry to have a handle on what counseling looks like in the Church,” says Dr. Hoover. “When a student finishes their degree, my goal is for them to have an understanding of what biblical counseling is, how to integrate psychological theories that might be helpful, and when to refer to a licensed counselor.”