ATS Grants Accreditation to The King’s Seminary

The King’s University (TKU) is excited to announce that The Commission on Accrediting from The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) has approved accreditation for The King’s Seminary (TKS). This approval is the culmination of a several year growth process that began in 2017. TKS’ initial application was approved in 2018, and Candidacy Status was granted later that year. In 2019 TKS/TKU conducted an institution-wide self-study process, which led to an Evaluation Team visit in 2020. This is a validation and confirmation of the quality and integrity with which The King’s Seminary fulfills its mission.

“We are grateful for this ‘gold-standard’ level of recognition that places TKS on a level playing field with every top seminary in North America, and will provide additional weight for our students, alumni, and faculty as we maximize the stewardship of our TKS/TKU experience,” says Dr. David Cole, TKU Provost and Dean of Jack W. Hayford School of Graduate Studies.

Among the seminary’s strengths that were affirmed and highlighted by the Board of Commissioners:

  1. The seminary’s successful transition from California to Texas, and in cultivating a strong relationship with Gateway Church as a partner, consistent with the long-standing connection TKS enjoyed with The Church On The Way in California.
  2. The seminary’s “robust approach” to institutional and educational evaluation (TKU/TKS’ comprehensive assessment process).
  3. Clear evidence of community, collegiality, camaraderie, and competence in theological education among administration, faculty, and staff that is rooted in the school’s mission, vision, and heritage and in the seminary’s distinctives.

TKS is grateful for the recognition of these elements of quality and consistency, and at the same time is committed to fostering growth in order to present ourselves as a place where transformation occurs in the lives of the students we serve. In the years to come, TKS intends to continue to maximize our strength and more clearly demonstrate that we are fulfilling the mission given us by the Lord, through our founder.

“We look forward to continued growth as a seminary in alignment with the distinctive founding values of our founder, Jack W. Hayford,” says Dr. Cole. “And we believe that our unique, Spirit-formed perspective among North American seminaries will allow us to make a contribution to overall fields of theological and ministry training in the years to come.”

The King’s Seminary is accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of The Association of Theological Schools ( and is approved to offer the following degrees: Master of Divinity, Master of Practical Theology, Master of Organizational Leadership, and Doctor of Ministry. The seminary has also been approved for Comprehensive distance education.