ChurchEd Is Now Free

The King’s University (TKU) announces that ChurchEd is now free for all users. In 2020, TKU launched Church Ed, one of the most robust digital training platforms for church leaders and volunteers. Originally designed to offer training to church leaders who don’t have the resources or time for a bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree available at TKU, Church Ed has reached thousands of learners with teaching from TKU faculty and church leaders from Gateway Church, Hillsong Church, and more. However, pivoting away from a paid subscription model, Church Ed is poised to reach many more.

“In an effort to be kingdom-minded, we will no longer charge a fee for users to register for or take courses through Church Ed,” says TKU President, Dr. Jon Chasteen. “We feel that the Lord is leading us to expand Church Ed’s reach by making it free.”

The growing list of courses Church Ed offers includes pastoral ministry, kids and youth ministry, live production, leadership, counseling, messianic, and worship. One recent course has proven to be successful. “What Are Three Ways I Can Develop As a Leader?” is taught by TKU faculty member Dr. Frank Markow, Director of Master or Organizational Leadership at TKU. Learners include pastors, church leaders, and teams of church volunteers. Many pastors see a need for education on best practices for their volunteers and sent them through applicable Church Ed programs, and learners would pay a monthly fee.

Now learners will be able to take these same courses at no cost.

“Now that we are offering Church Ed for free, we hope to equip many more local churches in practical ways as they continue to minister to and serve their communities,” says. Dr. Chasteen. “All they need to do is log on and start learning.”