Earn College Credit for Life Experience

Undergraduate students with significant life experience have the opportunity to earn college credit for their prior learning through an online course at The King’s University.

TKU’s Distance Education Department is excited to offer UNIV 3301 Portfolio Development, which helps students to develop and submit portfolios petitioning for academic credit based on competencies learned through practical ministry and marketplace experience.

“Portfolio Development is a great way for our adult students to earn college credit for their previous life experience, and I strongly encourage students to consider this to help them accelerate their graduation date,” says Dr. Frank Markow, dean of distance education.

This course is a 3-credit-hour elective that runs for the full semester. To complete course requirements, students submit a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) portfolio documenting experiential learning for one or more TKU courses, and receive a grade for the coursework. These courses fall into one of two areas: 1) TKU Equivalent Courses: major courses, practicum courses, and electives; or 2) Open Portfolio Electives: courses created as open electives based on the acceptance of satisfactory petitions.

Current TKU students should contact their academic advisor for more information and to register for UNIV 3301 Portfolio Development.

For more information about becoming a TKU student, please contact the Office of Admissions at 817.722.1710 or info@nulltku.edu.