Faculty Contribute to Spirit-Empowered Volume on Grace

October 26, 2018— The King’s University (TKU) congratulates Dr. David Moore and Dr. Michael Brown on their contributions to a new book, “The Truth About Grace: Spirit-Empowered Perspectives.” Published by Charisma House on April 3, 2018, this title is now available in the University library.

“Over the centuries, the pendulum has swung back and forth between graceless law and lawless grace,” writes the book’s editor, Dr. Vinson Synan. According to the publisher, “Churches around the globe teach a lawless grace and direct many to make choices of convenience and compromise… This is the great crisis of the twenty-first-century church, and respected theologian Vinson Synan says it’s time to bring it to light.”

Dr. Moore, M. G. Robertson Professor of Pneumatology at TKU, and Dr. Brown, adjunct Messianic Jewish Studies faculty member, are among more than a dozen scholarly contributors who share a variety of perspectives in this resource on the topic of grace. Other authors include Miguel Alvarez and Joseph Prince.

Grace in salvation is examined in Dr. Moore’s chapter, “Jack Hayford, the Security of the Believer, and the Need for Pentecostal Pastor-Theologians.” He discusses TKU Founder Hayford’s view of the “once saved, always saved” school of thought and explores the necessity of pastors to teach congregations how to apply theology to their lives. “He consistently called them to recognize that their call to equip the church required them to know their congregations well and that their preaching and teaching should boldly address the ‘real life’ situations people face.”

Dr. Brown addresses the question of future sins in his chapter, “Are All Our Sins—Past, Present, and Future—Already Forgiven in Jesus?” Hasn’t Jesus already paid the price for all future sins? Once I am saved, am I then covered in righteousness no matter what I do in the future? Dr. Brown provides a scriptural look at these important questions.

Charisma House offers the following description of the Spirit-empowered volume on grace:

“Featuring perspectives of leaders from a range of cultural, pastoral, and theological backgrounds, The Truth About Grace opens the discussion to more than a dozen scholarly contributors, tackling topics such as grace and the security of the believer; grace versus works; and tongues as a manifestation of grace. Synan brings you the key voices on this hot topic, from hyper-grace critic Michael Brown to Singaporean pastor Joseph Prince, whom some consider a leading voice in the hyper-grace movement. The Truth About Grace will help you discern the unbiblical excesses in the modern grace message while growing in understanding of the true nature and purpose of grace.”

University faculty, staff, and students can check out “The Truth About Grace” from The King’s Library. It is available for purchase on Amazon or through Charisma House.