Half the Battle by Dr. Jon Chasteen Is Out Now

Half the Battle, the new book by The King’s University President, Dr. Jon Chasteen, is out now and available for sale at Gateway Publishing. Dr. Chasteen, looks at both Old and New Testament examples of people whom God invited to begin the healing process by confronting their secret pain. Through looking at these examples and Dr. Chasteen’s life experiences, readers will see that they are not alone. Pastor and best-selling author Craig Groeschel wrote the foreword that thoughtfully leads readers into Dr. Chasteen’s message.

“As a pastor, I’ve had no shortage of walking people through difficult situations. I’ve pastored people through addiction, fear, anger, lust, substance abuse, relationship failure—tough stuff. I began to realize that treating the symptoms was never the answer, and the deeper I dug, the wider the cavern of pain from the past. These seeds of pain, strategically placed by the enemy over years of living life, had been buried in a deep, dark place, and would eventually sprout to produce devastating fruit in people’s lives. As it turns out, trying to treat the symptoms is only Half the Battle. In this book, I present biblical examples and approaches of how to fight and win the other half of this battle and experience true freedom in Christ,” says, Dr. Chasteen.

In Half the Battle, readers will be challenged and encouraged to take a long look at their own hearts and lives. To help leaders and readers alike, Dr. Chasteen has included a leader’s guide and a Bible study that coincides with Half the Battle. Perfect for individual study or small groups, these guides will help take people deeper into the message of the book in a practical way. In a year that has been so difficult, Half the Battle will bring a hope in the God that continues to guide us in our pain, no matter what the battle.