The King’s Seminary Announces Dr. Jon Huntzinger As New Dean

The King’s University announces significant academic leadership changes in both The King’s Seminary and The King’s University. Led by TKU President, Dr. Jon Chasteen, TKU prepares for the next season with several new academic appointments, including the assignment of Dr. Jon Huntzinger as Dean of The King’s Seminary. Dr. Huntzinger is one of the founding faculty members of TKU, which was started by Dr. Jack Hayford in 1997.

“When [TKU Provost] Dr. David Cole approached me about being involved in the seminary in a new capacity, I was very interested because it immediately took me back to the moment Jack Hayford started The King’s and his desire to strengthen and serve the local church,” says Dr. Huntzinger. “What we do in the seminary is help give men and women the skills, tools, and hearts they need to care for people, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Some additional leadership appointments are as follows:

  • Dr. Robb Brewer, Executive Dean of Academics
  • Dr. Linda Hoover, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Dr. Leanna Thompson, Doctor of Ministry Project Coordinator
  • Dr. Jonathan Frazier, Director of Ministry Practicums
  • Dr. Jason Moraff, new faculty member in Biblical Studies

“These are strategic changes, and we have been praying over them for many months,” says TKU President Dr. Jon Chasteen. “As God shifts some things in our leadership, roles, and structure, I believe He is preparing us for the next season.”

Dr. Huntzinger adds, “We are poised in the present so we can impact the future.”