The King’s University Announces New Land of the Bible Concentration

The King’s University announces the new Land of the Bible concentration as part of The Center for Israel and Jewish Studies. Starting in the Fall 2022 semester, this concentration will equip TKU students for teaching and preaching by providing new vistas of understanding God’s Word. This unique experience will increase the faith of students by walking in the places where God’s presence and power has been manifested in extraordinary ways in history.

“There is no other seminary or university in North America as far as I know that offers a concentration in Land of the Bible,” says Messianic Jewish Studies Director Dr. David Rudolph. “For more than half a century, TKU Founder, Pastor Jack Hayford, has led trips to Israel and taught on the importance of biblical geography and archeology.”

This concentration allows students to take at least one trip to a region in which biblical history took place. As Pastor Jack puts it, “Understanding God’s divine order…involves a people and a land.” Learn more about the Land of the Bible concentration.