The Oxford Experience 2019

Join The King’s University in Oxford July 29 – August 9

As a part of TKU’s global vision to train the next generation, students are invited to study abroad this summer with Dr. Kenneth Ulmer and Dr. Dan Call at the historic Oxford University. The Oxford Experience provides students with life-changing teaching on practical, relevant issues facing the Church today, and exposes students to the historic journey of Christendom through the intellectual, historical and spiritual paths of the oldest surviving university in the English-speaking world. Students have the option of attending their choice of week one or week two only (3 credit hours), or for the full two weeks (6 credit hours).

The Oxford Experience includes:

  • One or two weeks of study at world famous Oxford University (room, breakfast and weekday lunches included).
  • Historic tours of Oxford University and the town of Oxford (week 1).
  • Historic tour of London, including St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, John Wesley’s Chapel and Museum, and Westminster Chapel (week 2).

At Historic Oxford, you will experience:

  • Spiritual renewal with Spirit-filled worship and devotional messages every morning.
  • The flavor of English life with full English breakfasts and afternoon tea while living on St. Anne’s campus.
  • The richness of our Christian heritage and significant influences upon our Pentecostal and Charismatic heritage.



Additional Information

Select a topic from the dropdown menu below to learn more about course offerings and substitutions, cost, and financial aid. If you want to know more about how the Oxford Experience can fit into your program of study, please reach out to your academic advisor. For additional questions, email

Course Offerings


Dates: July 29 – August 2
Faculty: Dr. Dan Call
3 Credit Hours

BIBM 3324 Pastoring the Church and Community | Course Description | Undergraduate
The pastor has been given the highest calling in God’s kingdom on earth. It is not a vocation to be chosen among several options. It is a divine calling from the Lord Himself. This course is designed to address the ethos, the skills and the methodologies of pastoring a local church placed within a community.

BIBM 6317 The Ministry of the Contemplative Pastor | Course Description | Graduate
Many pastors today feel compelled to solve people’s problems, or to make them feel happy, or model the latest leadership models. But is that what pastoring is all about? The contemplative pastor is called to help people see God’s grace at work in their lives and to assist them in experiencing joy, peace and meaning in the midst of all that life brings their way. This course will examine the true measures of pastoral success and chart a course for leading people creatively and biblically.


Undergraduate Graduate
BIBM 2304 Pastoral Ministry BIBM 5302 Pastoral Ministry (elective)
BIBT 2304 The Blessed Church BIBM 6305 Ministry Management
BIBT 2304 The Blessed Church BIBM 6305 Ministry Management
Practical Ministry Elective BIBM 5306 Strategic Leadership

*Students are not required to submit a Petition for Course Substitution form to the Registrar’s Office.


Dates: August 5-9
Faculty: Dr. Kenneth Ulmer
3 Credit Hours

BIBM 1304 Worship in the Faith and Life of the Church | Course Description | Undergraduate
This course features a survey of elements of liturgical renewal, the contemporary worship movement, prayer patterns in the Church, shifts in the ministries of preaching and teaching, the return to ancient practices, and trans-denominational worship trends in church culture. Particular emphasis will be placed on the philosophy, principals, patterns and praxis of the parish pastor as worship leader called to lead the people of God into the experiential presence of God with the goal of spiritual transformation and practical sanctification for living beyond the corporate gatherings of the Body of Christ.

BIBM 5313 The Pivotal Role of Transformative Worship | Course Description | Graduate
This course examines a variety of contemporary styles of worship in the local church through the lens of biblical patterns and principles of corporate gatherings designed to promote transformation in the lives of worshiping disciples. Students will learn how the blending of elements of liturgical renewal, the contemporary worship movement, prayer patterns in the Church, shifts in the ministries of preaching and teaching, the return to ancient practices, and trans-denominational worship trends contribute to today’s church culture. Students will study the role of the pastor and worship leaders and current worship practices with particular investigation of creating a worship atmosphere in the average size American church.


Undergraduate Graduate
BIBH/BIBT 1302 History and Theology Of Christian Worship BIBM 5308 The Blessed Church in Practice
BIBM 1302 Spirit Formed Ministry UBIBM 6312 Spirit Formed Worship
Practical Ministry Elective Practical Ministry Elective

*Students are not required to submit a Petition for Course Substitution form to the Registrar’s Office.

Tuition and Fees

Classification 1-Week Cost 2-Week Cost
Graduate $3,000 $5,250
Undergraduate $2,925 $5,125
Audit $1,675 $2,550

A $300 non-refundable deposit is required.

*Breakfast and lunch is provided Monday-Friday at St. Anne’s College.
**Totals do not include: Airfare, Evening Meals, and Transport between London and Oxford.
***Financial Aid & VA Benefits to cover tuition &fees require application by May 31, 2019.

Financial Aid and VA Benefits

If you will be applying for Federal Financial Aid or VA benefits for this trip, you must complete all the financial aid requirements by Friday, May 31. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Services ( or 817.722.1730) immediately to get started. We recommend waiting to request enrollment until you have confirmation of fund availability.


For additional questions, please email