The Oxford Experience 2017

Join The King’s University in Oxford July 31- August 11, 2017.

As a part of TKU’s global vision to train the next generation, join Dr. Kenneth Ulmer and Dr. David Cole this summer for a two-week course at the historic Oxford University. The Oxford Experience provides students with life-changing teaching on practical, relevant issues facing the Church today, and exposes students to the historic journey of Christendom through the intellectual, historical and spiritual paths of the oldest surviving university in the English-speaking world. This year’s theme is Reform. Renewal. Worship. Students have the option of attending for one week (3 semester hours) or two weeks (6 semester hours).

The Oxford Experience includes:

  • One or two weeks of study at world famous Oxford University (room, breakfast and weekday lunches included).
  • Historic tours of Oxford University and the town of Oxford (week 1).
    Historic tour of London including St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, John Wesley’s Chapel and Museum, and Westminster Chapel (week 2).

At Historic Oxford, you will experience:

  • Spiritual renewal with Spirit-filled worship and devotional messages every morning.
  • The flavor of English life with full English breakfasts and afternoon tea while living on St. Anne’s campus.
  • The richness of our Christian heritage and significant influences upon our Pentecostal and Charismatic heritage.

This event has now passed. Stay tuned for details about the Oxford Experience 2018.

Week One Course Offering (July 31 – August 4)

Turning Points in the Renewal of the Church since 1500

Faculty: Dr. David Cole

This course will focus on key shifts in the church since the Reformation, with special emphasis on corresponding worship practices and analysis from a Scriptural perspective. Students will draw from transitional historical moments such as are found in Pietism, the Wesleys, the Great Awakenings, the Student Volunteer Movement, the Modern Missionary Movement, the Holiness Movement, the Pentecostal Movement, the Charismatic Renewal, the Ecumenical Movement, and current developments in the church.

Week Two Course Offering (August 7 – 11)

Treasures Old and New—the Pivotal Role of Worship in the Faith and Life of the Church

Faculty: Dr. Kenneth Ulmer

This course features a survey of elements of liturgical renewal, the contemporary worship movement, prayer patterns in the Church, shifts in the ministries of preaching and teaching, the return to ancient practices, and trans-denominational worship trends in church culture.  Students will study the role of current worship practices as harbingers, catalysts, and reflections of the ways God is renewing His church, including analysis from a Scriptural perspective.

Course Substitutions

Graduate Tuition and Fees

Course Credits Dates Total Cost
BIBH 5312/BIBD 6312 Turning Points: Renewal in the Church since 1500 3 Jul 31 – Aug 4 $2,884
BIBM 5313 Treasures Old and New: The Pivotal Role of Worship in the Faith and Life of the Church 3 Aug 7 – 11 $2,884
BIBH 5312/BIBD 6312 and BIBM 5313 6 Jul 31 – Aug 11 $5,007

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Course Credits Dates Total Cost
BIBH 3312/BIBT 3316 Turning Points in Church Renewal 3 Jul 31 – Aug 4 $2,824
BIBM 1304 Worship in the Faith and Life of the Church 3 Aug 7 – 11 $2,824
BIBH 3312/BIBT 3316 and BIBM 1304 6 Jul 31 – Aug 11 $4,887

Audit Tuition and Fees

Course Credits Dates Total Cost
Turning Points in Church Renewal N/A Jul 31 – Aug 4 $1,608
Worship in the Faith and Life of the Church N/A Aug 7 – 11 $1,608
See above two courses. N/A Jul 31 – Aug 11 $2,456

*All costs include Audit Fees, Tuition Fees, Administrative Fees, and Trip Fees. They do not include airfare or personal trip expenses. Check with Student Accounts for a breakdown of all costs.

If you will be applying for Financial Aid or VA Benefits for this trip, you must complete all the Financial Aid requirements by May 19th. Please contact Kristey Simmons (, 817.722.1730) immediately to get started and hold off on requesting enrollment until you have confirmation of fund availability from the Financial Aid office.

For additional questions email