TKU 2020 Graduation Ceremony Will Be Online

The King’s University’s (TKU) 2020 commencement ceremony scheduled for Thursday, August 13, will now take place online. Because of the significant rise in cases of COVID-19 in Texas, TKU’s Directional Leadership Team have prayerfully decided to shift the 2020 graduation from an in-person ceremony at Gateway Church to an online ceremony. “Our first priority is the safety of our students, faculty, staff,” says TKU President, Dr. Jon Chasteen. “We have prayerfully made the decision to continue with graduation on August 13, but it will be a virtual graduation.”

Originally scheduled for May 7, the Directional Leadership Team decided to postpone the event because of the Tarrant County shelter-in-place order due to the growing pandemic. Now, in the wake of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s recent statewide requirement to use masks in public buildings and outdoor spaces, and with many businesses and organizations in the state reversing their reopening plans, TKU’s commencement event has changed in expression but not in significance.

The virtual event will be a professionally produced celebration of our 2020 graduates’ major achievements in earning undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. All graduates who don’t get to “walk” and receive their diplomas this year will be invited to fully participate in next year’s graduation event in May 2021.

“We want to invite you to be a part of this virtual graduation,” says Dr. Chasteen. “We are so proud of our graduates and we cannot wait to see all the amazing things God does in the lives of our alumni!”