TKU Faculty Member Dr. Frank Markow Published in New Book Love and Organization

The King’s University announces that Dr. Frank Markow, professor of Leadership Studies and Director of the Master of Organizational Leadership program, has contributed a chapter to a newly published book. Love and Organization: Lessons of Love for Human Dignity, Leadership, and Motivation, published by Routledge, explores the seemingly unlikely connection between “the greatest of these”—love—and those sometimes cold and impersonal entities in which most of us spend a great deal of time, the organization.

Dr. Markow’s chapter in the book draws a direct line between the Christian have belief in the virtue of love in life and relationships, and how the management academy is now exploring this virtue in an organizational context. “While there are many factors that lead to work satisfaction, my research connects Lassar and Satir’s model of the ‘seven desires of every heart’ with our sense of satisfaction with our work life,” says Dr. Markow of his research. “I have demonstrated that leaders who fulfill these needs in followers (to be heard, affirmed, blessed, safe, touched, chosen and included) will likely produce followers who are satisfied and engaged in their work lives.”

This research is part of Dr. Markow’s ongoing research agenda, which also includes explorations into the nature of Pentecostal leadership, as well as work on a book on organizational behavior for Christian leaders.

To find out more about the Love and Organization book, you can visit the Routeledge website here.