TKU Hosts First International Congress for Jewish Disciples of Yeshua

Next week, 50 leading Jewish followers of Jesus from Messianic, Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox communities will meet at The King’s University (TKU) to discuss the formation of an organization that will connect hundreds of thousands of Jews in churches and Messianic synagogues worldwide. The conference will begin on Monday evening, August 27, at 7 p.m., and will end at noon on Thursday, August 30.

“This first meeting of the International Congress for Jewish Disciples of Yeshua will be an historic event with far-ranging implications for the Church—the One New Man made up of Jews and Gentiles in Messiah,” says Dr. David Rudolph, director of TKU’s Messianic Jewish Studies Department.

Among the participants at the conference—some of whom are coming from Israel, Russia, Finland, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, England, Scotland, Canada and Brazil–will be Catholic Jews, Russian Orthodox Jews, Anglican Jews, Episcopal Jews, Lutheran Jews, Presbyterian Jews, Baptist Jews, Evangelical Jews, Wesleyan Jews, Pentecostal Jews, and Messianic Jews. There will also be a traditional Jewish (non-Messianic) observer of the event who leads the Israel Center for Jewish-Christian Relations.

Gateway Church is sponsoring the event. The organizer of the congress—the Helsinki Consultation—is an international fellowship of Jewish scholars who acknowledge Jesus as Israel’s Messiah and who live as members of diverse ecclesial communities. The Consultation aims at “elaborating and promoting a united voice for Jewish followers of Jesus.” While holding differing views on many important questions, the participants agree that the existence and life of Jews within the body of Messiah has theological significance for the whole. The Helsinki Consultation will spearhead the conference, but the international/interconfessional organization that emerges out of the event will have its own independent identity.

After visiting a number of major cities to determine the best location to hold the inaugural meeting of the International Congress for Jewish Disciples of Yeshua, the Helsinki Consultation settled on the Dallas-Fort Worth area because of The King’s University. They wrote to us:

“After meeting with Dr. David Rudolph and Pastor Wayne Wilks, the co-chairs of the Helsinki Consultation (Rabbi Mark Kinzer and Fr. Antoine Levy) came to the conclusion that The King’s University would be a perfect site for this conference.

“As an academic institution, the University has the scholarly standards that fit the vocation of the Helsinki Consultation. As a school with a Messianic Jewish studies program and a broad international and inter-denominational vision, Kings fits the vision of the Consultation and that of the proposed new movement. As a school linked to Gateway Church and its ministry to Jewish disciples of Yeshua, Kings also exemplifies the ecclesial concern for preserving Jewish identity which is central to the Consultation, the potential new movement, and the proposed conference.”

The King’s University is helping to make history by hosting this extraordinary event. Dr. Rudolph encourages the campus community, “Let us be in prayer that the Lord would bless this conference, and that his Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) would descend upon Room 205 on August 27-30. May these precious guests of ours experience the depths of unity in Messiah, even as Yeshua prayed ‘May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me’ (John 17:23).”


Posted August 22, 2018