TKU is Launching The Center for Women in Ministry Leadership

The King’s University (TKU) is launching The Center for Women in Ministry Leadership, a groundbreaking new program for graduate and undergraduate students. One of the first of its kind among Holy Spirit-empowered universities and seminaries across the country, The Center for Women in Ministry Leadership at TKU is designed as a gathering place for personal development and spiritual growth as women learn to navigate the unique issues within their ministry context. It comes at a time when the debate on women’s roles within the Church is in the spotlight.

“There is a lot of discussion in our culture right now around the topic of women in leadership,” says Rhonda Davis, director of the program. “We see this initiative as an opportunity for growth and unity in this area. I believe God wants a unified Church and this is an opportunity to address this issue.”

“Our new emphasis on Women in Ministry Leadership demonstrates our commitment to women who choose TKU that we will take their callings and preparation seriously,” says University Provost, Dr. David Cole. “More than ever the Church needs to be innovative and relentless in addressing today’s diverse culture as we bring the message of Christ to a world in need of hope.”

The Center for Women in Ministry Leadership supports women earning graduate and undergraduate degrees at TKU. Graduate students in the Master of Divinity and Master of Practical Theology programs can select a Women in Ministry Leadership concentration, which will launch in the spring 2020 semester. Undergraduate students in any degree program can participate in the experience. In fact, there is already a waiting list for undergraduates in the fall 2020 semester.

The program includes leadership training and dialogue on tough issues facing women in ministry leadership, small group mentoring, and an annual spiritual retreat.

Though the program is new, TKU’s emphasis on women in ministry leadership has deep roots. “Since its founding through Pastor Jack Hayford in 1997, TKU has been a place where women are released into ministry all over the world,” says TKU President, Dr. Jon Chasteen. “We believe this new program will give the additional emphasis needed to launch women who are rooted, empowered, united, and transformed into ministry to make an impact in advancing the kingdom of God.”

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