TKU Opens Campus for Fall 2020

As Texas Governor Greg Abbott has expanded the plans for reopening businesses and activities in the state, The King’s University will reopen the University Campus for on-ground classes for the Fall 2020 semester. While we are excited about this big step, we will approach this semester with an abundance of care and caution, because the safety of our students is of upmost concern. TKU has taken these measures to ensure our campus community is safe and clean by doing the following:

    • Disinfecting daily all touch points on campus with hospital grade cleaning solutions.
    • Providing touch-free sanitizer dispensers and pumps throughout the campus.
    • Posting CDC education materials across the campus to help promote awareness.
    • Making available face masks to students and guests at the front desk of our main lobby.

We understand that some students may not be ready to return to on-campus classes just yet. As such, a number of our classrooms will be equipped with technology to allow students to video conference in for the classroom experience. In addition, our entire schedule of Online Sessions 1 and 2 courses are available.  With technology upgrades, a number of the Fall on-campus courses will be identified as synchronous courses that can be enjoyed as live courses either on campus or online. Be watching for updates as we identify those courses that will be made available in this new format

We plan to do whatever we can to support students as we approach this uncharted territory, and we will continue to uphold and prioritize the safety and well-being of our students. As TKU comes alongside you and helps you achieve your ministry and educational goals, know that we are here for you.

For a list of frequently asked questions regarding coronavirus, please see our Coronavirus Response page.