TKU Receives Best Christian Counseling Courses Award

The King’s University’s Bachelor of Biblical Counseling degree has earned the university a spot on Best Value Schools’ list of “15 Best Online Christian Counseling Courses in 2021.” This prestigious award puts TKU alongside some of the top universities and counseling programs in the country.

“The schools on this list offer a flexible and affordable learning environment,” says Cassie Williams, of Best Value Schools. “In determining which schools made the list, we considered various factors such as cost of attendance, faculty experience, student feedback, the number of online offerings, student resources, graduation rate, job placement, total enrollment, and more.”

About the Bachelor of Biblical Counseling degree

TKU’s Bachelor of Biblical Counseling degree will teach you how to integrate psychological theories with biblical truths under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, as you are equipped for a career in Spirit-led, Christian counseling. Students who earn this degree go on to careers in freedom ministry, nonprofit service, biblical counseling in the local church, and more.

This degree also prepares students to continue their education with the Master of Marriage and Family Therapy, which is designed to prepare students for ministry in a licensed counseling environment. This program prepares students for a career as a licensed counselor.

“The desire to help people in their darkest hour can be a challenging yet noble calling,” says Best Value Schools. “Find out how the mind works through a Christian worldview.”