TKU Signs Articulation Agreement with Impact Africa

On August 29, 2019, TKU signed an articulation agreement with Impact Africa and took a major step toward expanding its global impact. The agreement, signed by TKU President, Jon Chasteen, and Impact Africa’s founder, Rich Franzen, is the first of its kind for the University’s Intercultural Studies program, allowing students in Impact Africa’s Missions Experience Program to transfer up to 14 credit hours toward TKU’s Bachelor of Intercultural Studies (BIS) degree.

“We’ve been working on this for 18 months and it needed to be approved at various levels, academically,” says Dr. Jonathan Frazier, Director of Intercultural Studies at TKU. “I get emotional about this because it’s kingdom business. Impact Africa does great work and we’re acknowledging that work.”

Impact Africa was founded in 2004 by Rich and Michell Franzen. Both have degrees in education, and as such, much of Impact Africa’s mission is geared towards reaching and teaching students and young children and providing help to at-risk infants. In fact, every day in Johannesburg, South Africa, three infants are abandoned. Impact Africa has become a leader in education, prevention, rescue, and adoption efforts to help these babies and mothers. These efforts fall into Impact Africa’s greater mission to serve, educate, and provide other outreach ministries to the community, often utilizing the help of people who come there to train for the ministry.

This partnership is just the beginning, according to Dr. Frazier. The next phase will involve sending TKU students to South Africa for practicums and internships, but there is an even bigger goal to work toward. “Our mission is to have two or three key partners on every continent where TKU can send students to study abroad,” says Dr. Frazier. “That’s coming down the road and this partnership with Impact Africa is the first step toward that goal.”