TKU Welcomes Dr. Irini Fambro to the Board of Trustees

The King’s University (TKU) is pleased to welcome Dr. Irini Fambro to the Board of Trustees. “For 23 years, The King’s University’s Board of Trustees has been dedicated to training the next generation of ministry leaders,” says TKU president Dr. Jon Chasteen. “We are excited to welcome Dr. Irini Fambro to this team. Dr. Fambro brings a unique set of leadership skills, an appreciation and understanding of our rich heritage, and experience in higher education. With a deep commitment to empowering female leaders, we are also pleased to welcome Dr. Fambro as the first female trustee in many years, and the first to be added since TKU’s relocation to Texas. We value her rich perspective and believe the Lord has brought Dr. Fambro to TKU for such a time as this.”

About Dr. Irini Fambro

Dr. Irini Fambro has a passion for seeing organizations grow through valuing a greater definition of intelligence. As such, her consulting firm, Intelligent Leadership, was birthed from her dissertation work on Multiple Intelligence in leadership. Her experience includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a concentration in management from The University of Alabama. She was ordained through the Wesleyan Church, and gained her Master of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School while serving as a youth pastor for five years. Following that season, she became a college pastor, curriculum development contributor, and authored the book Made for More. She completed her PhD in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in ecclesial leadership from Regent University. Dr. Fambro consults with churches on Intelligent Leadership content, teaches at TKU, and preaches at churches. She and her high school love, Kenneth, have two children: Kalila and Kenneth.

The King’s University Board of Trustees

Dr. Irini Fambro joins the 2020 TKU Board of Trustees, which is comprised of Chancellor Emeritus, Dr. Jack W. Hayford; Chancellor, Dr. Robert Morris; Chairman, Pastor Kevin Grove; Vice-Chairman, Dr. Kenneth Ulmer; Sterling Brackett; Larry Dantzler; Pastor Dan Hicks; Pastor Tom Lane; Howard Kaloogian; Dennis Newman; Pastor Robert Stearns; and Dr. Jack Chuk-Lun Young.