Juan Maureira

“I remember God showing me a vision of an hourglass, and telling me, ‘Your time is up. Are you ready to commit?’” Juan Maureira recounts.

Knowing that God called him to ministry as a young boy, Juan had always been involved in the church, but chose to pursue a career in business. A career that allowed him to use his gifts in finance and operational management to climb the corporate ladder at companies like Samsung.

The hourglass vision showed Juan that God had more planned for him and his family (wife, Eva; and children, Almendra and Israel). After working at Samsung for two more years while searching for a ministry school in South America, the Maureiras realized God was calling them to abandon everything and move from Chile to the United States.

Through a process that can only be explained by God’s providence, the Maureira family ended up at The King’s University. “I found myself drawn to TKU because of its doctrine, especially that it’s a Spirit-filled university,” Juan shares.

God has used their time in Texas to confirm a dream he birthed in Juan and Eva’s hearts to start a pregnancy care center back home in Chile. After visiting a crisis pregnancy center near TKU, they sensed God’s leading so strongly and told each other, “This is it! We need to do this.”

These God-ordained steps have encouraged the Maureiras to launch Naceran.org. Naceran, which means “they will be born,” will combine Juan and Eva’s unique gifts and callings with the mission of saving unborn lives and sharing the redemptive message of Jesus Christ in Santiago, Chile.

“He brought us here because of his desire to be Lord over every area of our lives. Our calling is to be in love with Jesus, and ministry is a result of that love.