Katelynn Sparks

As someone who first graced the stage at the age of three and began leading worship in kid’s church by nine, Katelynn Sparks may not seem to be in need of a degree in worship leadership. “I’ve been around worship my whole life,” she shares. “It was always the thing to do in our family.” The daughter of two worship pastors with over 50 years of collective experience, Katelynn was certainly not lacking vocal training or worship experience before coming to The King’s.

However, it was because of that same family legacy she nearly abandoned her call to worship ministry by the time she graduated high school. “I wanted to pursue anything but worship. It was more of a family business than a relational connection with God,” she explains. She began pursuing a degree in fashion merchandising and business administration, but during her sophomore year, the Lord spoke and redirected her path. “I felt like he was telling me, ‘Stop wasting your time,’” she says, which was enough for her to start the search for formal ministry training.

After hearing about TKU through Gateway Church’s Men’s Conference, Katelynn’s dad encouraged her to schedule a visit. She had been praying that the moment she stepped foot on campus, God would show her whether or not TKU was the answer, but He did her one better. Still miles out from TKU, she spotted the Dallas skyline from I-45, and in that moment she sensed in her spirit that she belonged at The King’s. Her sense of peace around the decision grew even stronger when they arrived on campus. “From the minute we stepped out of the car, I knew this was where I was supposed to be,” she adds.

During her first year in the Associate of Worship Leadership (AWL) program, it became evident that God called her to TKU, not just to hone her craft, but to learn to really experience His presence. “My relationship that I have with the Holy Spirit is one that I’ve never had before,” she shares beaming with joy. “The spiritual transformation that you will have here, if you come with an appetite to learn and to know God, is undeniable,” she explains.

Her vision for worship ministry has similarly been forever changed: “I pray every day that I would be a carrier of God’s presence; that I wouldn’t just have this anointing when I open my mouth to sing, but in every aspect of my life.”