The King’s Seminary is the graduate-level vocational ministry preparation arm of The King’s University. The seminary is situated as a part of the Jack W. Hayford School of Graduate Studies, along with TKU’s Master of Marriage and Family Therapy program. As the provider of programs that equip graduate students for effective pastoral leadership in service to the church, The King’s Seminary is a clear expression of the heart of the University’s founder, Pastor Jack Hayford, who began TKU as a place of ministry preparation in 1997 while serving as senior pastor of The Church On The Way in Van Nuys, California. Pastor Hayford’s commitment to the training of seminarians in close connection and commitment to a healthy local resource church is parallel to the current close identification of The King’s Seminary to Gateway Church, which is pastored by TKU Chancellor Robert Morris. Together, Pastor Hayford and Pastor Morris provide the vision and inspiration for the preparation for effective church leadership currently being offered by The King’s Seminary.

The King’s Seminary equips men and women called by God to Spirit-empowered ministry through practical theological education and spiritual formation, for participation in the community and mission of God.


Experience-based Learning

Each of our programs focuses on professional ministry preparation for students who are at various stages of the recognition and development of their callings. The nature of the degree plans is such that students will be invited to explore specific areas of advanced preparation for church leadership, although upon graduation some students will find themselves in parachurch or marketplace ministry. All seminary students at the master’s level will be required to engage in practicum experiences as part of their degree programs, while doctoral students will be required to have completed vocational ministry seasons prior to beginning their doctoral studies, and are expected to be involved in current ministry service throughout the doctoral program.

Spirit-Empowered Legacy

The King’s Seminary offers a unique graduate ministry training experience to students who are interested in the distinctive ministry priorities found in the apostolic church leadership of Pastor Jack Hayford and Pastor Robert Morris: clear communication of Scripture as the authoritative Word of God, a Spirit-formed approach to the Christian life that includes a charismatic worldview, the priority of the local church, a deep commitment to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, a lifestyle devoted to the practice and power of prayer, the open invitation for every person to encounter the Lord’s presence through dynamic worship, and a heart to build bridges of unity and reconciliation in the Body of Christ.

“The Holy Spirit is integrated into everything we do. It’s part of who we are. Good theology ought always to lead us to deeper relationship with God.”

Dr. David Moore

M.G. Robertson Professor of Pneumatology

Graduating students will be able to:

      • Demonstrate the ability to interpret Scripture utilizing academically and spiritually informed exegetical principles and methods;
      • Formulate an extensive understanding of the Spirit-empowered traditions and practices of the historic Christian faith and community;
      • Apply effective leadership skills in various contemporary ministry contexts according to their God-given vocation;
      • Integrate biblical principles and theological knowledge with the process of personal development and spiritual transformation;
      • Implement sound academic research principles in order to expand knowledge and formulate solutions to real-world issues.