Women in Ministry Leadership

The Center for Women in Ministry Leadership

How would God’s kingdom move forward if women were empowered and equipped for spiritual leadership? Since The King’s University was founded in 1997, Dr. Jack Hayford has emphasized the importance of the role of women in leadership. Now, The Center for Women in Ministry Leadership (WIML) is taking that vision even further.

Women in Ministry Leadership Podcast
A Conversation to Encourage and Validate Women on Their Ministry Journeys

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Program Overview

The Center for Women in Ministry Leadership at The King’s University is designed as a gathering place for personal development and spiritual growth as women learn to navigate the unique issues within their ministry context. The program supports women earning graduate and undergraduate degrees. Graduate students in the Master of Divinity and Master of Practical Theology programs can select a Women in Ministry Leadership concentration, which will launch in the spring of 2020. Undergraduate students in any degree program can participate in the experience. The program includes leadership training and dialogue on tough issues facing women in ministry leadership, small group mentoring, and an annual spiritual retreat.

TKU offers the following accredited degree plans with a concentration in Women in Ministry Leadership:

Women in Ministry Leadership concentration courses include:

  • BIBH 6308 History of Women in Ministry Leadership – 3 hours
  • BIBM 6313 Current Issues: Women in Ministry Leadership – 3 hours
  • BIBD 6315 Theology of Women in Ministry Leadership – 3 hours

Concentration Information

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