Master of Organizational Leadership

Expand your leadership capacity through our Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL) degree. With an emphasis on integrating personal development, theological foundations, and organizational studies, this degree will equip you to face challenges both today and in the future in your business, church, ministry, or non-profit organization. Our Spirit-infused theological framework blends timeless principles with contemporary application, making the MOL a valuable experience for any leader.

Build relationships with like-minded leaders and establish a new network of colleagues through this two-year, cohort-based program. With week-long residencies at our main campus and through interactive online learning, this hybrid program is designed for active leaders and can help you fulfill God’s call on your life, no matter where He has placed you.

Next cohort launching Fall 2023!

Date: August 21, 2023

Program Objectives

The Master of Organizational Leadership degree program seeks to:

  • Prepare men and women to serve in expanded roles of leadership in their business, church, ministry, or organization;
  • Provide a biblically grounded degree which will help students grow both personally and professionally;
  • Expose students to both practitioners and academics who can deliver transformational education in the areas of leadership development;
  • Offer a flexible and accessible path towards completing their master’s degree

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply the Word of God to their life and ministry by integrating biblical and theological knowledge in specialized areas of leadership and organizational studies;
  • Identify areas of personal leadership development, spiritual formation, and soul-care that are theologically grounded;
  • Demonstrate graduate-level research and data analysis to solve real-world problems facing their organizations; and
  • Apply a variety of contemporary leadership and organizational concepts to meet the challenges in their leadership context.
Total Hours 36
  • 6
  • 9
  • 18
  • 3
  • Biblical Studies 6 Hours
    • BIBM 5305 The Spirit Formed Leader 3
    • BIBD 5305 Renewal Theology and Leadership 3
  • Practical Ministry Studies 9 Hours
    • LEAD 6306 People and Resource Management 3
    • LEAD 6305 Engaging Contemporary Culture 3
    • BIBM 6301 Graduate Ministry Practicum 3
  • Leadership Studies 18 Hours
    • LEAD 5300 Contemporary Approaches to Leadership 3
    • LEAD 6301 Leading Healthy Organizations 3
    • LEAD 6302 Effective Conflict Intervention 3
    • LEAD 6303 Organizational Development and Change 3
    • LEAD 7300 Current Issues in Leadership Studies 3
    • LEAD 6307 Strategic Leadership and Innovation 3
  • Master Capstone Project 3 Hours
    • BIBM 7200 Masters’ Capstone Project: Leadership 2
    • LEAD 6100 Research Methods 1