Institutional Effectiveness

The mission of the Department of Institutional Effectiveness is to oversee University-wide research, analysis, and reporting that supports strategic planning and focuses on improving the student experience.

We fulfill this mission by:

  • Consulting with all academic and administrative units in developing, measuring, and analyzing learning and performance outcomes with the goal of continuous improvement and a culture of evidence.
  • Coordinating the annual calendar of institutional research and assessment activities and milestones
  • Integrating the collection, analysis, and documentation of student demographic data, student performance indicators and fiscal affairs facets.

TKU Assessment Plan 2019-2020
Fall 2018 Assessment Plan Summary Report
Fall 2018 Learning Outcomes Assessment Report
Fall 2018 Evaluation of Retention, Completion, and Student Learning

TKS Fall 2019 Educational Effectiveness
TKS Assessment Plan 2019-2020
TKS Fall 2019 Assessment Plan Summary Report

TKS 2019 Learning Outcomes Assessment Report