Nathan Nkhama

Nathan Nkhama is a husband, father, local pastor, radio talk show host, and lifelong student. Needless to say, he’s a busy guy. And in 2014, 15 years after moving here from Zambia, Africa, and five years into pastoring his church here, he realized he was in a spiritual rut. “I was going through a wilderness season in my walk with the Lord. I felt stuck,” Nathan says. “I knew something needed to change.”

Having been a follower of Jack Hayford’s ministry for several years and having connections with a TKU staff member through Christ For The Nations Institute as well, Nathan knew about The King’s University and its move to the Dallas area in 2012. So, even though he was already enrolled in a different seminary and pursuing his third master’s degree, he decided to attend the TKU Campus Day in November of 2014. From the moment he walked onto The King’s University campus, he felt a calmness in his spirit, and the first person he encountered at the sign-in tables made him feel right at home. “The lady who helped me wasn’t just being professional or polite, she was genuinely nice and received me wholeheartedly,” Nathan says. “First impressions count for a lot, and this one truly resonated with me.”

That conversation, as well as several other chance meetings that day, kept returning to Nathan’s memory as he finished out the semester at his current school. But he was only a couple semesters away from graduating, so he put off transferring to TKU. “I started reasoning with the Lord saying, ‘Lord, how can I switch schools when I’m so close to finishing?’ But the nudging in my spirit didn’t stop,” Nathan says. He was actually almost done with the registration process for another semester at his current school when he stopped short. Instead of finishing out registration and paying for the tuition, he jumped into his car and went home. He knew The King’s University was the change he needed to get him unstuck.

Only a few weeks before the fall 2015 semester started, Nathan applied to TKU. Nathan knew his late transfer application and international student status would probably delay his acceptance and ability to register for the fall semester. But the staff at TKU made it happen. “There’s no way any other school would’ve done that. They would’ve said it was impossible,” Nathan says. “But God was orchestrating every step of the way.”

Over the next year, Nathan dove right into campus life, following the advice of professors to cultivate strong relationships with fellow students and staff. “The professors encourage students to get to know one another and say that every person has a story that will impact your life,” Nathan says. And that has proven to be true. For Nathan, every encounter at TKU, since the Campus Day when he met that young lady at the sign-in table, has been filled with such intentional, personal, and life-changing interactions.

The relational aspects of TKU aren’t the only things to have made an impact on Nathan. The classes he’s taken so far have fulfilled not only his academic requirements but his spiritual needs. “Although it’s academically challenging, my classroom experience has been more like a seminar with the Holy Spirit than school,” Nathan says. From the very start, he soaked in the Holy Spirit’s presence in every classroom and began gleaning as much as he could from every book, lecture, and personal illustration, “The personal examples and relatable stories from professors have meant more to me than any other material we’ve studied. They’ve given me the jump start I needed,” Nathan says. “My time here has been truly transformational.”