Ministry Practicums

An essential part of the learning experience for every full-time student at The King’s University is the opportunity to serve in one or more specific ministry area(s) within a local church. These Ministry Practicums are designed to provide in-depth participation in dynamic areas of ministry at Gateway Church or other associated local churches. This “hands-on” experience serves as a vital training ground for any student seeking vocational ministry. TKU undergraduates are required to complete two ministry practicums during junior year. Most graduate degrees require one ministry practicum will which the student will participate weekly in the life and ministries of the church.

Prior to enrolling for Junior Ministry Practicums, undergraduate students must take the Practicum Prep course which is designed to help students decide where they want to do their practicums. Graduate students are encouraged to speak with their advisor as well as the Practicum Coordinator in making the decision about their practicum location. 

The following ministry list represents possible areas of opportunity for students:

Children’s Ministry

The goal of the Gateway Children’s Ministry (Amazing Kids) is to have fun while learning about God. Students will learn creative ways to touch the hearts of children through God’s love. They will work alongside high-energy leaders and contribute to a dynamic program focused on reaching and discipling children from infancy through sixth grade.

Counseling Ministry

This Kingdom-focused ministry is designed to help people become free in Christ and live a prosperous life. Students will receive training and gain valuable experience in the following three distinct areas: 1) Freedom Ministry—teachings, ministry sessions, healing rooms, KAIROS, and altar ministry; 2) Compassion Ministry—relational crisis intake, assessment and financial benevolence; 3) Relational Care Ministry—hospital visits, funerals, critical care, grief guidance, and special occasions.

Discipleship Ministry (Equip)

This ministry training is designed mainly to help people regularly hear from God. Gateway Equip is designed to give students an overview of discipleship through inspiring worship and biblically based teaching. Students will be involved in the teamwork and administration of discipleship within Equip, evaluate processes of developing leaders and teachers, and synthesize their learning into usable ministry tools.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry aims to seek God first. They help men discover their strengths as a husband, father, businessman, and leader. Recognizing that every man has an innate desire to be part of something bigger than himself, they accomplish this with students through special Men’s Summit, men’s groups, and other special events including fun and exciting indoor/outdoor activities.

Messianic Jewish Ministry

Students are mentored within Gateway Jewish Ministries, to understand the work of the greater purpose of reaching the world for Yeshua. Students will engage and prepare to abide by the “To the Jew first” biblical principle in all areas of their future ministry or marketplace vocation.

Missions Ministry (Global)

The Global Ministry training gives students a worldview of how to be actively involved in reaching out to those in need. Students will receive exposure to local and regional efforts to reach the lost, care for the poor, and assist those who are making a significant impact in serving others.

Pastoral Leadership Ministry

The Pastoral Leadership training gives students a comprehensive view of church leadership through practical opportunities in the various ministries at Gateway Church. Students participating in this program will gain a strong understanding of the organizational structure of Gateway and the essential ingredients for leading a healthy church and staff.

Prayer and Prophetic Ministry

The Prayer and Prophetic Ministry training inspires students to embrace prayer as a high calling while enhancing the development of their spiritual life. Students will explore prayer and the role of prophetic ministry from a biblical and historical perspective, participate in all aspects of this ministry while spending time in prayer.

Women’s Ministry (Gateway Pink)

The Gateway Pink Women’s Ministry connects, trains, and empowers students to impact their world. The Pink leaders build healthy ministry for women through a team driven focus that is grace-filled and empowering. The ministry teaches students to honor one another, disciple with excellence, and empower every woman to influence her world for God’s glory.

Worship Ministry

The Gateway Worship Ministry is committed to developing highly influential God-worshippers. Students participating will experience and be mentored in Gateway’s emphasis on five foundational values: understanding of worship, personal character, excellence in skill development, congregational communication, and the value of being part of a family of worshipers.

Youth Ministry

Gateway Student Ministry training provides a greater understanding of how to empower youth to follow Christ and share the Gospel. Dynamic and creative leaders who are reaching and discipling youth in grades 7 – 12 will mentor practicum students. Opportunities for ministry experience includes weekly events, a yearly conference, and other planned activities.