Transferability of TKU Credits

Credits from The King’s University (TKU) are accepted by a number of nationally and regionally accredited colleges and universities. It is important for TKU students to understand, however, that each college and university has its own policies for accepting credits from other institutions of higher education.

Some factors that students should keep in mind include:

  1. Transferability of credits is at the complete discretion of the institution to which one hopes to transfer and transferability should always be viewed as limited.
  2. Transferability is often determined by the specific degree program to which the student applies and in many cases the degree program.
  3. m may limit what units may be transferred and/or require additional coursework as part of admission. TKU credits that fall outside of a specific degree program at a school may not be accepted by that school.
  4. All transferred courses must meet the minimum grade requirements of the institution to which the student seeks admittance.
  5. Some schools may only accept credits from regionally accredited institutions or limit the percentage of credits that can be transferred in from schools that are not regionally accredited.
  6. TKU has national accreditation with TRACS ( and ABHE ( but does not presently hold regional accreditation.

TKU strongly recommends that students contact the colleges or universities to which they might wish to apply and acquaint themselves with the admission and transfer policies of those institutions.

These factors are vital in helping the student make wise education decisions.

Upon request, TKU will advocate on behalf of students with colleagues at other institutions by letter or personal communication to request they reconsider admittance for a particular student.  Institutions may grant students provisional acceptance or require “discipline-specific leveling work” in specialized areas like counseling, business, or the arts   In all cases, TKU’s advocacy on behalf of a student does not constitute a guarantee that a student will gain admittance into their program of choice.  TKU’s advocacy demonstrates our confidence in a student’s ability to apply themselves successfully to the demands of a program of study if admitted.