Master of Theological Studies

The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) program is designed for students who are hungry for a deeper biblical and theological understanding. While the Master of Divinity and Master of Practical Theology programs prepare students for a variety of vocational ministry roles, the Master of Theological Studies program is entirely devoted to biblical studies with a unique focus on spiritual formation.


Whether you have years of ministry experience as a pastor or church leader and believe deeper theological study would enhance your ministry, or you find yourself on a journey towards doctoral work, then the Master of Theological Studies degree is designed for you. You can earn your Master of Theological Studies online or on-ground (Southlake). 


Meet the Director

Dr. Leanna Thompson

My passion is to provide biblical and theological pedagogy that grounds students in understanding how to interpret God’s word for praxis and exposition, enforces renewal theology and the work of the Holy Spirit, and provides knowledge of the Jewish roots of Christianity.

Why The King's
  • Spirit-formed leaders training Spirit-formed leaders. Given that many of our credentialed faculty are actively involved in ministry, their teaching comes from a perspective of applied knowledge.
  • Whole-person formation. For us, it’s not just about what you learn, it’s about who you become. We believe your transformation for ministry should include deepening your walk with Jesus.
  • Culture of worship and prayer. It could be the prayer room, weekly chapel, a classroom, or just a hallway – wherever it occurs, we live a life of prayer and worship.
  • Community of care. Whether you take classes online or on-ground, soul care from faculty, staff, and peers extends from the classroom into your daily life.
  • Growth in difference. When you get into a classroom with different generations, ethnicities, experiences, and faith journeys, you grow both personally and spiritually. You maintain your difference, but you grow in unity.
Program Objectives
  • Model to students how to fulfill their teaching vocation with spiritual vibrancy, academic excellence, and charity.
  • Cultivate a worshipful supportive community of learning marked by critical and charitable engagement.
  • Provide students with the knowledge, research, writing, and critical thinking skills necessary for successful pursuit of a doctoral degree in theological studies.
  • Equip students for effective and meaningful teaching and writing in a variety of ministry contexts.
  • Contribute to bridge-building between the church and the scholarly community by offering Renewalist theological insight from a post-supersessionist perspective to the global church.
Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Engage in critical, charitable, and constructive dialog in theological studies informed by appropriate research.
  • Serve the academy and the church through informed and refined teaching and writing.
  •  Engage with cultural issues from a faithful, creative, and generous posture in order to contribute to the health and mission of the church.
  • Articulate responses to human and social questions from theological and biblical foundation steeped in the Renewalist movement and post-supersessionist perspective.
  • Demonstrate readiness for doctoral studies in theological studies.

BIBL 5301 Old Testament Introduction 3
BIBL 5302 New Testament Introduction 3
BIBL 6302 Biblical Hermeneutics 3
BIBL 6308 Life of Jesus in Historical Context 3


BIBD 6301 Christian Theology I 3
BIBD 6302 Christian Theology II 3
BIBH 5302 Christian History and Renewal I 3
BIBH 5303 Christian History and Renewal II 3
BIBD 6303 Christian Unity: Contemporary Issues 3


BGRK 6301 OR BHEB 5301 Greek I OR Hebrew I 3
BGRK 6302 OR BHEB 5302 Greek II OR Hebrew II 3


BIBM 5110 Introduction to Theology and Practice 1
Choose three hours from these options: 3
BIBM 5111 Spiritual Formation II: Practices of Formation in Group
BIBM 6110 Spiritual Formation III: Practices of Formation in Group
BIBM 6111 Spiritual Formation IV: Practices of Formation in Group
BIBM 6112 Spiritual Formation in Groups


Special Studies Elective 3
Special Studies Elective 3


BIBD 6327 Theological Research 3
BIBD 6328 Master’s Thesis 3


“There’s something different about TKU and you do not fully understand that until you get here. It changes you. He changes you! No place I’d rather be.”