COVID Student FAQs

How do I know if my class meeting time or location has changed? 

  • Class meeting times have changed to allow for cleaning between classes, and some classroom assignments have also changed. Updated times and locations are now reflected in the Student Portal. If changes occur throughout the semester, that information will be available on the COVID Information page and through your instructors. See full week-by-week course schedule in Appendix 2 of the TKUnited Fall 2020 COVID-19 Response Plan. 
  • Additionally, when following Response Levels 3 and 4, we will follow the Course Alternation Plan (CAP), which means that classes will alternate between on-campus and virtual meetings on a weekly basis (exceptions include evening classes, hybrids, and modules). In other words, all regular classes will still meet on the same days and at the same time each week, but they will alternate venues/locations (i.e., one week in the classroom, next week on Zoom). You can find the CAP schedule for your course in Blackboard as well as Appendix 2 of the TKUnited Fall 2020 COVID-19 Response Plan. 

Are we required to wear masks in class?

  • Students and instructors should keep masks on until all class members have reached their seats. Once everyone is in place, masks may be removed. However, if someone leaves the room or if classroom activity risks breaking social distancing, then masks should be worn. 
  • Additionally, instructors have the option to require that students keep their masks on for the entirety of the course meeting. If a student prefers to attend virtually rather than wear a mask during class, they will have that ability. 

Can I attend any/all classes virtually? 

Yes. Students with a higher risk or underlying health conditions may opt to attend all of their classes virtually for the duration of the semester by submitting the Virtual Learning Request form on the COVID Information page.  

How do I check in for class?  

Your instructor will give you any specific instructions they may have for checking in. In some cases, there may be a student worker present in the classroom to assist the instructor with attendance and virtual learning technology. 

Will there be chapel? 

Yes! When following Levels 2 and 3, chapel will take place in person with a virtual attendance option. Attendance will be tracked to ensure compliance with capacity restrictions. At Levels 4 and 5, everyone will participate virtually. See TKUnited Fall 2020 COVID-19 Response Plan for details. 

What should I do if I have symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19? 

If a student suspects they might have COVID or is experiencing symptoms, they cannot come to campus. They should quarantine themselves for 14 days and monitor symptoms. Next, they should notify their professor(s) that they will be attending virtually. It is strongly recommended that students with COVID symptoms schedule a test. If the student’s test results are positive for COVID-19, they should report it to TKU by submitting the COVID-19 Positive Reporting Form found at If the test results are negative, the student should notify their professor(s) and may return to class at the conclusion of their quarantine period if they are symptom free. See Student COVID-19 Exposure Response Plan in Appendix 3 of the TKUnited Fall 2020 COVID-19 Response Plan. 

Will I be sent home if I arrive on campus with a fever? 

Everyone must complete a health screening for COVID symptoms and potential exposure before being permitted on campus. Whenever possible, it is recommended that you complete a self-screening before leaving home.   

Have the Blessed Life Scholarship eligibility criteria changed? 

  • The chapel attendance, Kairos, Presbytery, and Gateway weekend rotation eligibility criteria are still in place. However, students will be able to participate virtually as needed, in order to fulfill all requirements.  
  • Additionally, effective for Fall 2020, Blessed Life Scholarship is now available for online students. The same eligibility criteria will be satisfied through online opportunities and virtual chapel attendance.  

Are student success workshops and tutoring available for those who cannot come on campus? 

Yes, student success workshops continue to be accessible virtually. All students (online, on-ground, or virtual) may contact the Student Success Center for ADA accommodations, tutoring, and other services available.