I get to do every day the thing that excites me provides me some of the greatest joy and satisfaction in life: teach God’s Holy Word to the King’s University!  It is my privilege to serve as Professor of Biblical Studies and Director of the Bachelor of Biblical and Theological Studies at TKU, where I have taught since 2012.  I have both “a teacher’s head” and “a pastor’s heart.”  That is clearly demonstrated by the fact that I have been the senior pastor of three churches in Texas for a total of 15 years and that I have taught full-time for a total of over 25 years at LeTourneau University, Talbot School of Theology/Biola University, Cedarville University, Criswell College, Rawlings School of Divinity/Liberty University and, most recently, TKU.

Research and Interest Areas

  • Israel’s Land Promise (for a book to be published Fall, 2020)
  • The Epistle of James (for a book to be published Fall 2021)
  • John the Baptist and Elijah
  • The Gospel of Matthew
  • The Book of Revelation


    Biblical Commentaries 

    • “Luke,” Holman Illustrated Bible Commentary, eds. Ray Clendenen and Jeremy Howard (Broadman & Holman, 2014)
    • “Galatians,” Holman Illustrated Bible Commentary, 2014
    • “Revelation,” Holman Illustrated Bible Commentary, 2014
    • “Song of Songs” commentary, Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series, gen. ed. H.W. House (Logos Bible Software, 2013 [digital edition; hardcover edition expected 2020])
    • Ruth, Esther, with Barry Davis (Ph.D., University of Southern California; Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; ‘Focus on the Bible’ series; Christian Focus, 2003
    • “Philippians,” Baker Commentary on the Bible, ed. Walter Elwell (Baker, 2002)
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    • “Philippians,” Evangelical Commentary on the Bible ed. Walter Elwell (Baker, 1989)

    Books/Book-Length Treatments

    • Inspired Preaching: A Survey of Preaching in the New Testament, with Richard Wells (Ph.D., Baylor University, Ph.D., University of North Texas; eBook edition; Lifeway Resources, 2013)
    • Women as Christ’s Disciples (Second Edition), with Kathy McReynolds (Ph.D., University of Southern California; Christian Focus Publications [UK], Spring, 2003; 200 pp.; Crossings Book Club [Hardback] Edition, 2004)
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    • Women as Christ’s Disciples, with Kathy McReynolds (Baker, 1997)
    • Disciplined Living: A New Testament Theology of Recovery and Discipleship, with Kathy McReynolds (Baker, 1996)
    • Truthful Living: What Christianity Really Teaches about Recovery, with Kathy McReynolds (Baker, 1994)
    • Looking Back, Moving On: Applying Biblical Principles of Freedom to Your Life (NavPress, 1993)
    • A New Testament Theology of Discipling (Published Th.D. diss., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1985/University Microfilms, 1985 [Note: The published version of this dissertation has been used as a textbook for evangelism and discipleship courses up to the DMin level at Phoenix Seminary, Western Seminary and Rawlings School of Divinity, Liberty University])

    Book Chapters/Essays 

    • Chapter: “An Evangelical Theologian Interacts with Messianic Jewish Theology: A Providential Journey toward a Professional ‘Take,’” in Messianic Jewish Thought, ed. Jeffrey Seif, DMin (Messianic Jewish Publications; July 2019)
    • Chapter: “Local Church Leadership as Matured Discipleship: Leadership in the Synoptic Gospels and Acts,” with Nicholas Dodson (PhD, Rawlings School of Divinity, Liberty University), in: Biblical Leadership: Theology for Everyday Leaders, eds. Ben Forrest and Chet Oden (Kregel, Fall 2017)
    • Chapter: “Israel and the Nations in God’s Redemptive Plan,” in Israel: The Land and the People, ed. H. Wayne House (Second/updated [paperback] edition, Jews for Jesus, 2012)
    • Chapter: “Interpreting the Book of Revelation,” in Interpreting the New Testament, eds. David Alan Black and David Dockery (Broadman & Holman, 2001)
    • Chapter: “Israel and the Nations in God’s Redemptive Plan,” in Israel: The Land and the People, ed. H. Wayne House (Kregel, 1998)
    • 23 Essays, The Wisdom of Jesus (Publications International, Ltd., 1997)
    • 10 Essays, Rhythms of the Heart ed. Shelley Chapin (Victor Books, 1993)

    Journal Articles

    • “The Fulfillment of Israel’s Land Promise and Hebrews: “Transformed” or “On Hold” . . . as Yeshua Predicted?” Kesher 34 (Winter 2019)
    • ““Matthean Theological Priority?”: Making Sense of Matthew’s Proto-Ecclesiology in Acts 1-14,” Southwestern Journal of Theology 1 (Fall 2018): 63-74.
    • “‘The Holy Catholic Church’: A Test Case for the Theological Interpretation of Scripture,” Criswell Theological Review NS (Fall 2017): 79-88.
    • “Hidden in Plain View: The Overlooked Chiastic Structure of Matthew 16:13-18:20,” with Nicholas Dodson, Filologia Neotestamentaria, XXVIII (2016 issue): 3-18.
    • “The Meaning and Fulfillment of the ‘Preaching Texts’ of the Apocalypse (Daniel 7:13 and Zechariah 12:10),” CTR NS, Fall 2014
    • “’Read, Hear/Heed’ (Rev. 1:3): Obeying an Exegetical Clue to Understand the ‘Big Picture’ Practical Messages of the Apocalypse,” Eruditio Ardescens, Spring 2014
    • “The Continuation of Israel’s Land Promise in the New Testament: A Fresh Approach,” Eruditio Ardescens, Spring 2014
    • “Surrejoinder to Dr. Gary Burge,” CTR NS, Fall 2012
    • “Love in a Fallen World: Further Toward a Theology of the Song of Songs,” CTR NS, Fall 2012
    • “The Land as Covenant Backdrop: A Modest Response to Burge and Waltke,” CTR NS, Fall 2011
    • “Scullduggery in the Silences: Five Significant Time Gaps in Ezra-Nehemiah,” Faith and Mission, Fall 2004
    • “From Bad to Worse: A Portrait of Open Theism as a Theological System,” with Emily Hunter McGowin, Ph.D., CTR NS, Spring 2004
    • “The ‘Earth-Dwellers’ and the ‘Heaven-Dwellers’ in Revelation: An Overlooked Interpretive Key,” with Emily Hunter, Faith and Mission, Fall, 2003
    • “Deep and Wide: Education Overflowing as Evangelism from Ephesus,” Faith and Mission, Fall, 2001
    • “An Adjusted Symmetrical Structuring of Ruth,” with Richard Rigsby, Ph.D. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, 1996
    • “Partnership in the Gospel: The Women in the Church at Philippi,” JETS, 1996
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    Contributions to Study Bibles/Bible Translations (one book translated for a translation; 42 study notes for Bible books, plus 8 awaiting publication; 25 word studies)

    • “Genesis,” New Life Study Bible (NLSB), eds. Steve Arterburn and David Stoop (Tyndale, expected Spring, 2020)
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      Courses Taught

      • BIBL 1300 Introduction to the Bible
      • BIBL 1301 Old Testament Survey
      • BIBL 1302 New Testament Survey
      • BIBL 2301 Biblical Background and Interpretation
      • BIBL 5301 Old Testament Introduction
      • BIBL 5302 New Testament Introduction
      • BIBL 2306 Book of Hebrews
      • BIBL 2315 Revelation/BIBL 7301 Studies in Revelation
      • BIBL 2321 Introduction to the Pentateuch/BIBL 6302 Studies in the Pentateuch
      • BIBL 2323 Book of Genesis/BIBL 6301 Studies in Genesis
      • BIBL 3306 Studies in the Prophets
      • BIBL 3307 Studies in the Writings
      • BIBL 4302 Matthew in Jewish Context/BIBL 5315 Studies in Matthew and Early Judaism
      • BIBL 4306 Galatians in Jewish Context/BIBL 7306 Studies in Galatians and Early Judaism
      • BIBL 4307 Romans in Jewish Context/BIBL 6307 Studies in Romans and Early Judaism

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