Dr. Leanna Thompson
Director of Master of Theological Studies, Doctor of Ministry Project Coordinator, Associate Professor of Bible and Theology


My passion is to provide biblical and theological pedagogy that grounds students in understanding how to interpret God’s word for praxis and exposition, enforces renewal theology and the work of the Holy Spirit, and provides knowledge of the Jewish roots of Christianity.  The goal is to provide students with tools so they are able to articulate a reason for their faith, not simply an ability to reiterate a lecture or recite facts from a textbook, but to be able to evince a firm conviction of what and why they believe, with the competence to know how to substantiate their beliefs.

Research and Interest Areas

  • Continuing research based on my dissertation in the Letter of James
  • Second Temple Period Judaism—literature, culture, and theology
  • Pentateuch—as the foundation for understanding the NT


  • The Letter of James as a Teleleological Midrash on Creation
  • Messianism and Fourth Ezra: An Examination of Epistemology
  • Pure Vision: Ethical Conflict in the Gospel of Mark
  • The Spirit of the Prosperity Gospel: Fallacious Myth or Genuine Promise?

Courses Taught

  • BIBL 2307 Book of John
  • BIBL5309 Studies in the Book of John
  • BIBL 2301 Biblical Interpretation
  • BIBL 5304 Current Issues in Biblical Interpretation
  • BIBT 1301 Biblical Study of the Holy Spirit
  • BIBD 6303 Pneumatology
  • BIBL 1301 New Testament Studies
  • BIBL 3302 Synoptic Gospels
  • BIBL 5308 Studies in the Synoptic Gospels
  • BIBL 2306 Book Of Hebrews
  • BIBL 6304 Studies in Hebrews
  • BIBD 6313 Theology of Boundaries, Borders, and Memorials
  • BGRK 3301 Greek 1
  • BGRK 3302 Greek 2
  • BIBL 2310 The Second Temple Period and the New Testament
  • BIBL 5318 Studies in the Second Temple Period
  • BIBL 1301 Old Testament Studies
  • BIBl 5301 Old Testament Theology
  • BIBL 2302 Life of Jesus
  • BIBL 5305 Life of Jesus in Historical Context
  • BIBM 3306 Teaching to Transform Lives
  • BIBM 6302 Teaching to Transform Lives
  • BIBL 6302 Studies in the Pentateuch
  • BIBL 3304 Prison Epistles
  • BIBL 5307 Prison Epistles
  • BIBM 2101 Practicum Prep
  • UNIV 3301 Portfolio Development


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The King’s University