Safety and Security

The King’s University is dedicated to providing a safe Christian atmosphere in which students and employees may learn and work. Students and employees are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and to immediately report any suspicious or criminal activity to Campus Security, the Operations Department, or the local police department.

Campus Security is located in at the main entrance desk. To contact Campus Security call 817-722-1705. Please identify yourself, your location, and the issue.

You may also reach the Operations Department by dialing 817-722-1623.

The Local Police can be reached by calling 911 in an emergency, or at 817- 748-8114

The King’s has lighted parking lots and common areas with security on duty during campus hours.  There is also extensive camera surveillance throughout the campus both interior and exterior. Buildings and classrooms not in use are kept locked in the evening and at night. After classes are over each evening, Campus Security and the Facilities Department check the campus and buildings to ensure they are secured. Campus security officers are licensed security guards. When necessary, they will detain individuals and contact the Operations Department or the Southlake Police Department for their arrest.

The King’s encourages the prompt and accurate reporting of suspicious behavior or activity. Reports may be made to the Operations Department downstairs in the administration offices or you may also reach the Operations Department by dialing 817-722-1705 during the day. At night, reports should be made to Campus Security. Students and employees have a responsibility to report crimes against them or to which they are a witness. If anyone is involved in or is witness to crimes in progress, he/she is to call 911 immediately and then contact Campus Security or the Operations Department.

Counselors, who are exempt from reporting confidential information by virtue of their position, are encouraged by The King’s to advise those they counsel that they (those being counseled) have the opportunity to report crimes on a voluntary and confidential basis so that the crimes may be included in the campus security report. It is also important to report crimes so others in The King’s community have the knowledge a crime has occurred and that they should exercise caution. Counselors may pick up a Anonymous/Confidential Crime Report form from the Dean of Student’s Office and may return it to the Dean of Student’s Office to maintain the confidentiality of those involved.

Students are informed about campus security procedures and encouraged to be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others. At the beginning of each semester during Orientation, students and employees are encouraged to help prevent crime by being aware of their surroundings, by looking out for each other, and by reporting suspicious activity or persons on campus. Students and employees are encouraged to seek an escort to their car by other students, employees, or Campus Security, should they encounter an unsafe situation or feel uneasy about their safety or security.

There are no student organizations at The King’s that have off campus locations. However, The King’s Code of Conduct prohibits criminal activity including the use or possession of illegal drugs on the part of its students and employees. The Code of Conduct prohibits the use of or possession of alcohol on campus and strictly endorses the state’s underage drinking laws. Violations of the Code of Conduct will be taken seriously and will result in disciplinary action. Should the student or employee be found to have violated Federal and/or State laws, he/she will be reported to Federal and/or State authorities for the purpose of enforcing Federal and/or State Law.

Rape/sexual assault is a crime and is treated as such by The King’s. The King’s Code of Conduct prohibits sexual activity on campus and prohibits sexual activity by students and employees outside of marriage.  All employees of The King’s have had a background check in an effort to protect The King’s students, employees, and others. Allegations of rape/sexual assault reported to The King’s will be investigated and if appropriate, reported to the proper law enforcement authority. Victims have the right to report rape/sexual assault to the appropriate law enforcement authorities themselves. Should a rape/sexual assault occur, it is essential to report it as soon as possible. The victim may call the police, notify campus security, or go directly to the medical facility of their choice. It is important that the victim not change their clothes or shower before seeking medical attention in order to preserve physical evidence of the crime. Medical attention is vital for all victims of rape/sexual assault to address the various medical concerns such as sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and possible internal injuries. At the request of a victim of an alleged rape/sexual assault, The King’s will change the victim’s academic classroom situation as much as possible for their future comfort and safety.

The King’s procedure for disciplinary action is in the Student Handbook. Should it become necessary to convene a disciplinary hearing due to allegations of rape/sexual assault, the accused and the accuser have the right to have others present during the disciplinary proceeding. The results of the disciplinary proceeding will be made known to the accused and the accuser in writing. The King’s will impose the appropriate sanction on the accused. The sanction may include suspension or expulsion from the institution.

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