Statement from TKU
The King’s University is grieved and devastated by what has come to light over the past few days in regard to Robert Morris and the victim. We express our deep sympathy to the victim and her family. For the sake of the victim, we are thankful this situation has been exposed.

The King’s University Leadership and Board of Trustees had no prior knowledge of the girl’s age or the length of the abuse. The university’s prior understanding was that Robert Morris’s extramarital indiscretion was with “a young lady” and not the abuse of a 12-year-old child.

Once The King’s University was made aware of the report, the leadership reached out to the Gateway Elders. On June 18, 2024, the Elders of Gateway Church accepted the resignation of Robert Morris as the senior pastor of Gateway. The King’s University Board of Trustees has accepted the resignation of Robert Morris as our Chancellor and Trustee.

We know this affects so many people who share similar painful experiences. We understand that you are hurting. We are deeply sorry. It is our prayer that, in time, healing for all those affected can occur.

The King’s University