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Thank you for your interest in pursuing an education at The King’s University. We believe you have been uniquely created with the potential to live out your divine destiny. God has placed within you a special mix of gifts, talents, strengths and passions. Fulfilling that potential for your life will be challenging and it will require hard work and dedication. If your desire is to fulfill that potential, The King’s University is the place for you. As a spiritual leader for today and the future, you’ll be equipped mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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Courtney Widelitz
Associate Director of Admissions
STAFF_0003_kings univ yoshi IMG_0043f lorez
Yoshi Ipson
Senior Admissions Counselor


Amanda Corbett
Admissions Counselor
Denver Blackwell
Admissions Counselor
Samuel Gmuer
Admissions Counselor



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*Estimated annual tuition and fees based on a 15-hour per semester schedule.