Messianic Jewish Studies Program

Program Overview

The King’s University Messianic Jewish Studies (MJS) program is an approved school of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC) for training rabbis and teachers in the Messianic community. The program also trains Christian leaders who are called to be bridges between the Church and the Jewish people. Our program began in 2007 through the vision of Dr. Jack Hayford, TKU’s founder, with the support of Rabbi Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice Ministries International, and the board of the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute, including Rabbi Dan Juster, Dr. Wayne Wilks and Dr. Ray Gannon. The director of the program is Dr. David Rudolph. The university as a whole has signed the Toward Jerusalem Council II Seven Affirmations which rejects replacement theology and affirms Jewish identity and calling. See TKU’s statement on The Church and the Jewish People.

TKU offers the following accredited degree plans that focus on Messianic Jewish Studies:

TKU offers the following accredited degree plan that focuses on Antisemitism and Jewish Advocacy:

TKU offers undergraduate and graduate degrees with the following concentration for students desiring to expand their learning experience:

An interview is a required component for acceptance into MJS degree programs. Once approved for a program, students then complete academic advisement and registration with the MJS department.