The King’s Seminary announces the new Master of Theological Studies (MTS) program, available in the Fall 2022 semester. This seminary program is designed for students who are hungry for a deeper biblical and theological understanding. “This program is for people who want to do further advanced studies in theology,” says program director, Dr. Daniel Davis. “I have students who have looked into TKS’s Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Master of Practical Theology (MPT) programs and ask, ‘Do you have something focused just on Bible and teaching?’ This program is for them.”

The MTS adds a new dimension to The King’s theological offerings. While the MDiv and MPT programs prepare students for a variety of vocational ministry roles, the Master of Theological Studies program is entirely devoted to biblical studies with a unique focus on spiritual formation. In other words, this program is more than simply learning theology; it is designed to help students deepen their faith and further their spiritual walk with Jesus. “For us, the spiritual vitality of students is just as important as their knowledge, understanding, and skill to research and write,” says Dr. Davis. “We want warm scholars who have warm hearts and generous posture, who approach the world open handedly with the generosity of Jesus.”

One way in which spiritual formation will be fostered in this program is that students will meet in small groups within the program and with faculty members to help them facilitate a growing relationship with Christ. Some of the program objectives are as follows:

  • Equip students for effective and meaningful teaching and writing in a variety of ministry contexts.
  • Provide students with the knowledge, research, writing, and critical thinking skills necessary for successful pursuit of a doctoral degree in theological studies.
  • Contribute to bridge-building between the church and the scholarly community by offering Renewalist theological insight from a post-supersessionist perspective to the global Church.

Students who already have ministry experience and desire to join a deeper theological conversation will find this class helpful as they journey to a role as a teaching pastor or onto doctoral work. “When you meet a student who has graduated with an MTS degree from The King’s Seminary, you meet someone who is sharp-minded, keen-witted, deeply knowledgeable, and they’re also deeply in love with Jesus,” says Dr. Davis. “And they approach you in the spirit of Christ with a warm heart.”

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