Associate of Worship Leadership

Become equipped with the essential knowledge, skills, and experience needed to effectively lead a congregation in worship through our Associate of Worship Leadership (AWL) degree. The AWL program was developed in partnership with key worship and media leaders from Gateway Church to ensure that the skills and competencies taught are relevant and applicable to the worship communities of today’s local churches. Our AWL degree is designed to provide you with a solid biblical foundation in worship studies as well as practical skills in team building, songwriting, recording techniques, live audio, vocal and instrumental performance, and so much more. This program is now offered online!

Program Objectives

The Associate of Worship Leadership (AWL) degree seeks:

  • To graduate competent musicians for the local or global church and music marketplace;
  • To produce biblically formed and theologically informed musicians;
  • To equip gifted songwriters who compose for the Church and marketplace;
  • To prepare skilled video, audio, and innovative media technicians; and
  • To place graduates in appropriate ministry and music industry contexts.

Learning Outcomes

A graduate of the Associate of Worship Leadership degree will be able to:

  • Organize and successfully administrate all aspects of contemporary congregational worship;
  • Demonstrate the technical, music and leadership skills necessary for effectively leading contemporary congregational worship;
  • Analyze problems in their field (worship leadership) and develop collaborative solutions or strategies to resolve those problems;
  • Communicate with musicians, artists, technicians, and local church pastors through effective teaching, writing, and listening skills;
  • Evaluate their personal strengths and weaknesses honestly in the light of biblical wisdom and regular pastoral accountability;
  • Pastor and build biblical community among their local church musicians, artists, and technicians; and
  • Serve, contribute to, and creatively execute the worship vision of local church pastors and leaders.

*AWL acceptance space is limited.



Applicants must complete an audition for acceptance into the AWL program.

Admission to the University is a requirement prior to acceptance into the Music and Worship Studies (MWS) Department and the AWL program. However, applicants are encouraged to begin the MWS audition process and prepare the required video in conjunction with applying for admission to TKU. Upon acceptance to the University, you will be emailed a link to the online audition submission form.

Audition Requirements

Spring 2019 University Application Deadline | December 19
Spring 2019 Video Audition Submission Deadline | December 19

For more information, contact

Total Hours 64
  • 9
  • 20
  • 2
  • 13
  • 12
  • 8
  • Christian Foundations 9 Hours
    • BIBM 1301 Spirit Formed Life 3
    • BIBT 1304 Christian Worldview 3
    • BIBL 1300 Introduction to Bible 3
  • General Education 20 Hours
    • UNIV 1101 Student Success Strategies 1
    • ENGL 1301 English Composition I 3
    • ENGL 1302 English Composition II 3
    • COMS 2303 Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication 3
    • Behavioral Science Elective 3
    • Science Elective 4
    • PHIL 2301 Christian Ethics 3
  • Experiential Learning 2 Hours
    • MPEW 2103 Band Lab 1
    • One hour from the following: 1
    • MPEW 2103 Band Lab
    • MPEW 2104 Worship Choir
    • MPEW 3101 The King's Worship Ensemble
  • Worship Leadership 13 Hours
    • MUSW 1301 The Worship Leader as Pastor
    • -OR- 3
    • BIBM 2304 Pastoral Ministry
    • BIBT 1302 History and Theology of Christian Worship 3
    • BIBM 1302 Spirit Formed Ministry 3
    • MUSW 2101 Creative Arts in Worship 1
    • MEDA 3301 Media Law and Ethics 3
  • Music and Technology 12 Hours
    • MUST 1301 Music Theory I 3
    • MUST 1302 Music Theory II 3
    • MEDA 1301 AV & Lighting I 3
    • MEDA 3305 Production Methods I 3
  • Music Instruction 8 Hours
    • Four hours from the following: 4
    • MGVM 1103 Group Vocal Lessons I
    • MGVM 1104 Group Vocal Lessons II
    • MPVM 1101 Applied Music Lesson Primary - Voice
    • Four hours from the following: 4
    • MPIM 1103 Applied Music Lesson Primary - Piano
    • MPIM 1105 Applied Music Lesson Primary - Guitar
    • MPIM 1107 Applied Music Lesson Primary - Drums
    • MPIM 1109 Applied Music Lesson Primary - Bass
    • MGIM 1103 Group Piano Lessons I
    • MGIM 1104 Group Piano Lessons II
    • MGIM 1105 Group Guitar Lessons I
    • MGIM 1106 Group Guitar Lessons II