Bachelor of Biblical and Theological Studies

Learn sound principles for interpreting Scripture and discover the “why” behind what you believe through our Bachelor of Biblical and Theological Studies (BBTS) degree.

For those who feel called to pastor or teach, our Biblical and Theological Studies degree will equip you to address our world’s most pressing issues by a Spirit-led deep dive into the Bible. This degree program is available online or on-ground (Southlake).



This degree program offers the Land of the Bible concentration for students desiring to expand their learning experience.

Meet the Director

Dr. Jonathan Frazier

Dr. Jonathan Frazier’s journey in higher education began in the urban center of Moscow, Russia while ministering as a missionary in the former Soviet Union—Russia, Belarus and Latvia. As an intercultural educator of more than 20 years, Jonathan served in various administrative and teaching roles in several collegiate-level Bible schools and ministry training centers in the Eurasia region and more recently in universities based in the United States.

Why The King's
  • Spirit-formed leaders training Spirit-formed leaders. Given that many of our credentialed faculty are actively involved in ministry, their teaching comes from a perspective of applied knowledge.
  • Whole-person formation. For us, it’s not just about what you learn, it’s about who you become. We believe your transformation for ministry should include deepening your walk with Jesus.
  • Culture of worship and prayer. It could be the prayer room, weekly chapel, a classroom, or just a hallway – wherever it occurs, we live a life of prayer and worship.
  • Community of care. Whether you take classes online or on-ground, soul care from faculty, staff, and peers extends from the classroom into your daily life.
  • Growth in difference. When you get into a classroom with different generations, ethnicities, experiences, and faith journeys, you grow both personally and spiritually. You maintain your difference, but you grow in unity.
Program Objectives

This degree seeks to:

  • Provide in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the contents of the Bible;
  • Provide instruction in sound principles of exegesis;
  • Present the various tools and methodologies available in the hermeneutical and exegetical tasks;
  • Examine the broad range of issues involved in interpreting the Bible;
  • Explore various theological responses to issues raised by the biblical text; and
  • Offer elementary instruction in Hebrew and Greek.
Learning Outcomes

In addition to achieving success with the core curriculum learning outcomes, upon completing this degree, students will be able to:

  • Utilize sound hermeneutical principles and basic grammatical aids in the interpretation of Scripture;
  • Answer critical questions concerning authorship, dating, and place of composition of the books of the Bible;
  • Analyze the primary people, places, and events described in the books of the Old and New Testaments;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in the composition of Scripture, as well as the illumination of the Holy Spirit in the reading and application of Scripture;
  • Articulate the general theological categories and views of evangelical Christianity, including the distinctiveness of The King’s University; and demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of the history, traditions, and practices of the Church.

BIBM 1301 The Spirit Formed Life 3
BIBH 1301 Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements 3
BIBL 1300 Introduction to Bible 3
BIBT 1304 Christian Worldview 3
BIBL 2302 Life of Jesus 3
BIBT 2303 To the Jew First 3


UNIV 1101 Student Success Strategies 1
ENGL 1301 English Composition I 3
ENGL 1302 English Composition II 3
COMS 2303 Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication 3
History Elective 3
Math Elective 3
Behavioral Science Elective 3
Humanities Elective 3
Science Elective 4
PHIL 2301 Christian Ethics 3
PHIL 3305 Philosophy and Christian Thought 3


BIBL 1305 Old Testament Survey 3
BIBL 1306 New Testament Survey 3
BIBL 2301 Biblical Background and Interpretation 3
BIBL 2305 OR BIBL 4306 Book of Romans OR Galatians in Jewish Context 3
BIBL 2306 OR BIBL 2315 Book of Hebrews OR Revelation 3
BIBT 2305 Systematic Theology I 3
BIBT 2306 Systematic Theology II 3
BIBL 2304 Acts of the Apostles 3
BIBT 2304 The Blessed Church 3
BIBM 3306 Teaching to Transform Lives 3
APOL 3304 Introduction to Apologetics 3
BIBH 3301 Church History 3
BGRK 3301 OR BHEB 3301 Greek I OR Hebrew I 3
BGRK 3302 OR BHEB 3302 Greek II OR Hebrew II 3
BIBL 4312 Advanced Hermeneutics 3
BIBM 4302 Senior Capstone Project 3
BIBM 4303 Senior Internship 3


BIBM 2101 Practicum Prep 1
BIBM 3201 Junior Ministry Practicum 2
BIBM 3201 Junior Ministry Practicum 2


Elective from the Torah: BIBL 2328 3
Elective from the Prophets or Writings: BIBL 3306, BIBL 3307 3
Theological or Historical Electives (Courses with ID including BIBT or BIBH) 6
Open Elective – This course may come from any discipline 6


“There’s something different about TKU and you do not fully understand that until you get here. It changes you. He changes you! No place I’d rather be.”