Land of the Bible

Enhance your understanding of God’s Word by experiencing the land of the Bible. This concentration takes students along the paths of biblical history both in study and practice. By traveling to these regions, you will deepen your connection to the land where God’s presence and power was manifest in extraordinary ways. This is a unique study opportunity for those looking to learn and travel to the historical land of the Bible.

“Understanding God’s divine order…involves a people and a land.”

Pastor Jack Hayford

The Land of the Bible concentration includes choosing three of the four available courses, with at least one being an international study trip. Undergraduate courses include Geography of Israel Study Trip, Geography of Jordan Study Trip, Biblical Archaeology and Apologetics, and The Land of Israel. Graduate courses include Israel Study Trip, Jordan Study Trip, Studies in Biblical Archaeology and Apologetics, and Studies in The Land of Israel.

This concentration is available for the following undergraduate and graduate degree programs: