International Students

Since most international students do not qualify for assistance from the US Department of Education, TKU encourages international students to apply for all available institutional scholarships here.

To assist with international payments, TKU has developed a partnership with Flywire. Flywire allows multiple forms of international payment with up-to-date conversion rates, secure transactions, and a technical helpdesk in multiple languages.

As an international student studying at the main campus in Southlake, TX, we will require you to demonstrate availability of a certain amount of funds prior to issuing a Form I-20. This amount should cover up to your first year of tuition and fees, books, and cost of living. Along with this information, we will also need a financial plan of how you will pay for the remainder of your degree program (we don’t require proof of funds for this financial plan). 

International students are also required to pay a deposit equal to the amount of full-time (12 credit hours for undergraduate, 9 credit hours for graduate, or 4 credit hours for doctoral) tuition and fees before the issuing of the Form I-20 and are not eligible for deferred payment plans. Please see the academic catalog for a full description of this policy.

The international student process, additional information, and required forms can be found here.