Consumer Information

Under the 2008 Higher Education
Opportunity Act (HEOA), TKU is required to make available certain information
to current and prospective students, employees, and the general public. TKU has
reviewed all the information listed below for validity, clarity, and
transparency to ensure accurate representation of TKU’s educational
programs, financial charges, the employability of graduates, and relationship
with the Dept. of Education.

For your convenience, this webpage contains links that will direct you to the appropriate webpages or contact information for various offices where you can receive the required information. Please contact the personnel from the appropriate offices if you wish to obtain a hard copy of any of the available documents. If you have any questions, you may contact the Director of Student Financial Services at or by calling 817-722.1730.

In addition to consumer information and disclosures, you can also view important institutional policies pertaining to financial aid processing and eligibility.

A link to this information is provided to students on an annual basis.