Student Success Center

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center exists to assist students in achieving their academic goals. We strive to offer a learning environment that is personal, caring, and accessible. Every effort in providing learning assistance services is characterized by respect for and appreciation of individual differences. As a resource for students and faculty, the SSC works to provide multiple opportunities for mastering the strategies, skills, understandings, and attitudes that foster effective and self-directed learning in college and beyond.

The SSC promotes learning by offering services in the following areas:

  • Individual & Group Tutoring
  • Remedial Reading/Writing Instruction
  • Academic Study Skills
  • Academic Coaching
  • Disability Accommodations
  • One-on-one tutoring & assignment feedback
  • Accommodations for students with documented learning disability
  • Study skills training
  • Group study sessions
  • Monitoring students at risk of failing
  • Academic Advising

*The Student Success Center is located next to the campus store in the north hallway of our 2121 University campus. 

NEW Student Checklist
  • Log into your student portal
  • Obtain your ID card
  • Purchase your textbooks
    • Visit TKU bookstore or call at 817-552-7345
  • Complete all financial aid requirements
  • Pay your bill or make payment arrangements
  • Process payment in your Student Ledger


Who should utilize the Student Success Center?

Undergraduate students or students admitted under special status that are referred to the SSC by:

  • Admissions
  • Registrar
  • Professors
  • Academic Advisors
  • Self
What is the SuccessNavigator™ Assessment?

This online assessment gives students a holistic view of the critical factors that most greatly influence their college success. The results of the assessment will be reviewed with the student and a customized action plan will be suggested to ensure the student understands what he/she needs to do to graduate.

Is my Advisor the same as an Academic Coach?

No. Academic Coaching provides students with the chance to work individually with a professional staff member to enhance their academic skills, gain confidence, discover motivation and improve performance. Academic Coaching is available throughout the semester by appointment.

I have a diagnosed learning disability and need classroom accommodations. What do I need to do to receive accommodations?

TKU is dedicated to creating an accessible environment through reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities.  Students with a disability are encouraged to seek assistance through the Student Success Center. It is a student’s responsibility to make their needs known in advance.  We cannot provide any service, modification or accommodation when we do not know one is required.  Special accommodation services are available for students with disabilities on a case-by-case basis, provided that documentation from a properly licensed clinician supports the accommodation.