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Reach Your Goals Faster

Summer just got a lot cooler at TKU because we are introducing a way to help you reach your ministry goals faster. With more class offerings than any Summer semester before, you can take up to 12 hours and get a semester ahead on your degree. Whether you decide to take a full schedule or just a couple of classes, committing your summer to reaching your goals is a great call! Don’t wait for the Fall semester to start. Go all in on summer at TKU.

Summer Semester: May 9 – August 14
Online 1: May 9 – June 26
Online 2: June 27 – August 14

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TKU is now offering a full online term with two seven-week sessions in the Summer for all students and all programs. With many basic course offerings, you will be able to quickly knock out several classes and get that much closer to completing your degree. This Summer is the perfect opportunity to accelerate your studies!

What about financial aid and scholarships?

We know paying for classes is always an important consideration. We are happy to let you know, TKU will be offering financial aid and scholarships for the Summer semester! New students enrolled in at least nine hours are eligible to receive the $1000 Smart Start scholarship. Current students will have the opportunity to win scholarships during the advising fair, beginning March 21, through the Student Success Center. For more information, please contact the Office of Financial Services at 817.722.1730 or

What steps do I take next?

If you’re not a TKU student yet, the first step is to complete your application as soon as possible. Your admissions counselor will explain next steps once you’re admitted! For current students, if you register during our advising fair the week of March 21, you will be entered for drawings for prizes. Don’t miss out! Get Started

Take a look at the summer class list and let your advisor know what you would like to take. If you have any questions, please contact your advisor or the Office of the Registrar.


Summer Classes

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Junior Ministry Practicum
Senior Ministry Practicum
Applied Music Lesson – Guitar II
Applied Music Lesson – Guitar III
Practicum Prep
Ministry Seminar/NO CREDIT
Old Testament Survey
Introduction to Bible
The Spirit Formed Life
Life of Jesus
Student Success Strategies
To the Jew First
Systematic Theology I
New Testament Survey
Christian Worldview
Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements
Leadership Development
Biblical Background and Interpretation
The Blessed Church
Systematic Theology II
Philosophy and Christian Thought
Applied Music Lesson – Voice II
Applied Music Lesson – Voice III
Applied Music Lesson – Voice IV
Applied Music Lesson – Voice V


Studies in John
Counseling Practicum
Graduate Ministry Practicum
Counseling Diverse Populations
Master’s Capstone Project: Leadership (MOL)
Effective Conflict Intervention (MOL)
Business and Ethics
Old Testament Theology
Christian History and Renewal I
Christian Theology I
Current Issues in Biblical Interpretation
The Blessed Church in Practice
New Testament Theology
Christian History and Renewal II
Christian Theology II
Life of Jesus in Historical Context
Contemporary Approaches to Leadership


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